Trip report


No parks yet, today we go to Epcot and try fast pass plus first hand got passes last night, no problem yet, but limitations abound ,you must still carry the old fashion pass with you, at this point they have decided not to include the discounts on the bands, also park hoping seems to at this point not a good thing one you have the three fast passes that is it, sadly who needs fast passes for spaceship earth and and figment but just one eticket ride per and as far as I know right now that is it for the day… will update later


Just to clarify—you don’t need to carry any pass if you don’t have an AP…regular MB users like myself who are staying on property don’t need to carry anything with them if they have their credit card attached. Just the MB will take care of everything for us. :slight_smile: They are working on changing the 3 FP/day limit as well as the park hoping limit.

Have fun…


We are at SSR and they said for ID purposes you should carry the AP pass with you to get discounts am I wrong on that? We will get 3 trips out of our AP’S a total of 39 nights all told… so premium AP is a must especially with DVC promo rates


You’re right. But Smallworld was saying those WITHOUT an AP, don’t need extra cards since they don’t have any extra discounts to worry about.


You are correct—AP holders need to carry you card to be sure and get the discount. NONAP holders don’t need anything additional. I always carry my Drivers License and Health Insurance card with me at all times—it’s just a personal preference.

But my point is that if you aren’t an AP holder—and you are staying at at Disney Resort—all you really need is the MB now. :slight_smile:


Thank you trip report im going thu withdrawal


so far so good great meal at via Napoli, fast pass plus worked fine but big draw back was once they were gone no others eimticket to truly useless others so technically one fast pass… conversely 3eticket passes for MK… that is great oh by the way also got nachos at the Mexican casual location very nice


Any love bugs sighting?

I remember a few yrs ago, they weren’t bad at the parks, but the benches at beach club were covered with them.


Well we used the fast pass plus and all went well, at MK had 3eticket rides ,the one issue being the inability to garner any others but from what I heard that will change soon.Sadly while watching the parade the number of people who just did not listen to any cast members has grown and I know I will take some flack for this but this group has more than replaced the reputation of the French… they step on you, they push their kids onto other kids, they are asked to not stand in a location and they do not move an inchthey force their way under ropes not caring if their is an inch of room.Disney is helpless on what they can do and the poor cast members looked extremely frustrated in their attempts, sadly the cooperation and courtesy of some guests is to me at an all time high, that being said to day was a great day, including a new tradition that started about 5years ago late night snack at cases, also the expansion of the hub area is going well cases siting area is at least twice the size and made it much easier to find a seat…the hub when completed should make it much easier to watch events at the castle, even if Disney decides to fast pass it or special event off to the studios


Honestly, sometimes I leave the parade or fireworks before they even begin because of being surrounded by rude groups. To me, its better to get away from the stress. I wouldn’t enjoy it anyways as I would be stewing the whole time. Doesn’t always happen, but that’s my plan B, so as to not be mad on my vacation.


It seems to me having experienced at DLR the same type of rudeness having spoken to Disney guest services they will move to accommodate certain prime areas to fast pass locations as a way for some to avoid some of the rudeness I know that DLR is potentially going to possibly go to that length to calm down the rudeness levels at fantasmic …you see fantasmic is on the rivers of america and some take up huge spaces with blankets and lay down etc this taking up somemuch space that other arears of viewing are stretched to the limitthus the crowding and thus the irritant


Disney announced today that park hopping 'with magic bands will be enabled this coming Monday… this seems to come about from a lot of feedback from people owver the busy easter time…originally from what I have heard that it was rushed up about a month while some had no issue others on shorter vacations were not happy with its limitations …our experience so far has been favorable… but we have done noark hopping …went to studios today… and used them to the best of our ability…all went well… star tours …rockin… tower all on fast passes… no issues


So far so good…nice dinner at cape may …it just keeps getting better…the manager Tony saw I was wearing an Aulani shirt and said that he was over Hawaii for six months getting it up and running…very nice guy… update on the mine ride ride is either there is some issue or unlike Disney info is very scarce… but no soft opening as of yet and they are still gathering data which we witnessed today… fast pass plus continues to evolve and starting Monday park hopping will be allowed, albeit with some restrictions …one of which is you must use all of your existing fast passes completely before changing parks …


Still there? Have you experience getting a fourth FP+?

I’ll be there starting on Sunday, so hoping for some good news.

Glad you enjoyed Cape May. We had an ADR during our trip too.


Haven’t experienced it yet ,but it is there, from what I have been told you must use all of your original fast passes at one park, before being able to get that 4th pass at another… now with that said we understand there is some variances like if you choose a show or parade fast pass, that those don’t have to be completed… but that is only what I have been toldno direct experience yet


About this tripso far my opinion on fast pass plus has been altered it has allowed us more free time be cause of its flexibility, that being said I also noticed that fast pass distribution seems to be a larger distribution than in the past… some cast members have eluded to the fact that the ratio of fast passes to standby has been altered to make sure nonnegative experiences and comments will be minimized…I don’t know and it seems like it is a wait and see on the validity of those comments… also over the last 3days or do we had a combination of AC problems and hot water issues and low and behold they without even asking upgraded us to a two bedroom from a studio… wow… as a sidebar I am boycotting the unlimited cups …in my option theunfairness of the system abounds …at some resorts I have been told its a managers decision to enable them or disable them, and why just the soda machined, why not coffe ,tea ,alao a friend of mine who also likes coffe with milk was very upset he says they(after breakfast) remove the milk option so coffe with milk is being rationed I have not discussed it with anyone but I don’t see as many cups floating around so unless you stay along time and don’t got to supermarket or shop off property 17.99 per doesn’t even seems like any bargain… last night we went out with froendsto raglan road, I have got to say that is one fun place and the food is very good also…


If you do, would you please post the outcome? We have moved a few FP+ up from early evening to mid afternoon. It will be interesting to see.


If they are regular fast passes for attractions they must be used or expired before you can park hop and recieveanother also that additional fast pass must be made at the FP+ kioskss


A little trick to pass on when you go to MDE web site make your selections from best match or option a-b-c review those selections then hit edit and the drop down menu allows you to modify the times to best suit you…very helpful and most did not know that option existed


We just returned yesterday from an 8 day stay in Florida. Five of those days were spent at Disney. It’s tough getting back to the grind after having such a great experience at the parks. Now we can only dream of the next trip. The MB’s worked great. We stayed at a Disney resort. Admission, room access, and refreshment purchases were really convenient. A great innovation by Disney Immagineers.