Trip Reports -- Happy or sad?


Does it happen to you???

You are reading TRs, soaking up all the juicy details and studying all the pics, and you feel so happy, like you are on Main Street yourself? Really like a long drink of water on a hot summer’s day? :flowers:

But then the next TR you read, which has great info and beautiful pics also, makes you really sad and frustrated because it makes you want to be there so bad but you can’t and so you get really BUMMED? :mellow:

I have to be careful about reading all the TRs now because it has been a long time since our last trip, and I have PDD really bad!!! Why, oh why do my kids have to go to school??? If they only didn’t have that darn school, we could go to WDW lots and lots!!! :biggrin:


I feel the same exact way!! I love the report but ultimately I am sad cuz I wish I were there!!! :crying:

But I constantly love to find the TR!! :happy: I still would rather hear about others trips if I can’t be there myself! :wink:


Yeah…these TR are bitter sweet…hehehe…but hey, they are more fun than bad, so keep sending them. I know I will when I go in May! woo hoo from baloo!


yes, that happens to me all the time!!!

I’m usually green with envy and at the same time, VERY happy for the person who got to go, and relieved I get to read a TR!


Yes…It’s a love/hate for me too!

I love reading about all the fun everyone has, and what everyone has experienced (and I’m always so happy for them), but darn it I wish I was there!


sigh me too… I always love reading them, but when they’re finished, I’m always depressed. It gets me in the mood to be at Disney right then and there. :frowning:


the family loves reading the reports it get them excited


I love reading people’s TR because most of them have kids, and I don’t, so it’s an entirely different experience going to WDW w/children.

I’m so torn - WDW both makes me want children, but spending a day around all the toddlers is birth control at the same time.:wacko:


EJ… you feel differently about your own kids! I promise! And you will be a terrific mom!


Thanks!:heart: And like I said, I get such mixed feelings at WDW. Some children are happy and their faces just light up when they see their favorite character, some are bratty and mean to their siblings or they boss their parents around, and some just get so tired from the heat and long hours (I can barely keep up sometimes, I don’t know how 3 year olds manage!) that they get cranky. Guess you’ve just got to take the good w/the bad. But anyhow, that’s why I like reading TRs, I love hearing about how kids enjoy WDW.


I like reading the TR’s but have a different perspective now. Before our trip I was looking for the “what to do’s and what to don’ts.” They were helpful! Now I read them to compare someone else’s trip with ours. But, yes, it is a little bittersweet because now I know what it feels like to have PDD. And TR’s do add to that feeling a little bit. Oh . . . what’s happening to me . . . . I’ve become . . . a Disneyaholic . . . :wink:


[I][B]Yeah! Right after she runs for President!!!

[SIZE=5]EmpressJenny for President!!![/B][/I][/SIZE]


I always enjoy the trip reports. I anxiously await for a Dcer to get home so I can hear all about their every move in WDW. I like watching everyone plan and then hearing how it all goes once there are there. I get sad when people have a bad time. Especially when I know how hard they work to plan the perfect trip. They are never bitter sweet for me, but that’s because I always have a plan in the works no matter how far away it is. I may get jealous, but never sad…lol


I love trip reports–it’s my favorite forum here. I really enjoy them but at the same time I get a little sad missing Disney World.


I like them—I like hearing what other people are doing–it gives me ideas…i usually dont get sad because of them…


I’m enjoying reading all the the TRs because it’s getting down to 2 weeks and I’m getting ALOT of info about where to go and what to do and where and what NOT to do! Thank you all for posting 'em! It’s getting me more EXCITED!!!



One of my friends is taking her family to WDW this weekend… it was a last-minute trip, and they needed help planning. So guess who they called? :wink: It was so fun to help her plan – the last-minute rush to get PS was a kick! It got me a little over my PDD, and it was amazing that they trusted me enough to just let me run with it! It was great to “spend” someone else’s money, too! I booked them at all the best restaurants and laid out a two-park-a-day plan for them to follow. SO FUN!!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:


Oh, that would be fun! Wouldn’t that be a dream job? Planning WDW trips for first timers? Glad it helped with the PDD.


Yep, llama… now that I think about it, being a WDW travel agent would be really a dream job! I’d like to take it a step further and do first-timers so you can really make it easy for them to find all the most magical moments!


Let’s take it a step FURTHER and accompanying them, just to make sure they get it right! :angel: