Trip Report..Single Day Park Hopping Marathon


As promised, here is my trip report.
Our trip was short: Check-in Friday, check-out Sunday. Just visited for the weekend.

DS and I live only 2 hours south of WDW, so we left home at around 10:00am on Friday, and arrived at the ASM resort around noon . <<I didn’t take advantage of the online check in, so we checked in the “old” way.>>

Long story short, our check-in went smooth; plus we both asked for and received birthday buttons, yay!! Our room was ready, so we headed up to unload our stuff.

The room was VERY CLEAN!!! <<<As I knew it would be, no bed bugs to be found anywhere.>>> We stayed in the calypso bldg that paralleled the pool, on the back side (less noise there, very quiet).

DS and I basically “toured the property” Friday afternoon , since he was too young to remember it from the last time we went. It was fun checking out the over-sized icons around the property. We ate lunch at the Intermission Food Court. The food was good, not over-the-top, but good. He ordered a large cheese pizza, and I ordered a turkey and cheese on foccacia bread. The food was big…and we ended up with pizza left over. Good thing I had a cooler.

We did go into the pool, then back to the food court for dinner. More big food. Then we decided to visit DTD. The place was packed, but we managed to mingle through the crowds to see a few things. We have been there dozens of times, so there wasn’t anything new to see.

We had to have some ice cream, so we hit the Ghiradelli shop and both of us had yummy chocolate ice cream in chocolate dipped waffle cones…they were soooo good…:mickey:

We walked around a little, hit the Lego store ((DS’s favorite place on earth!!)). Then we left to go back to our room.

We turned in around 9 because we planned a very busy day on Saturday!!

To be continued…


I can’t wait to read the rest of your trip report!!!


Can’t wait to hear the rest- how lucky are you to live so close to the World too!


Can’t wait to hear more!


It must be great living so close to WDW!


Sounds like an adventure! :happy: Can’t wait for more!


Can’t wait for more!


Sounds like a good time so far, can’t wait to hear about day 2!!!


How old is your son?


Great start so far! Must be nice to just be able to head to WDW for a weekend. I hope you have pics! I still have 29 days until my trip and I need as much of a “fix” as I can get.


Sounds like a good trip. I love Ghiradelli!


Trip report continued…
This all takes place in ONE day…get your running shoes on and follow me…
((sorry it takes me so long to get back to what I start…it’s just who I am…LOL…
And I will apologize in advance if I get off topic too much…my mind wanders sometimes…=-)

Okay, so we got up fairly early on Saturday morning, had breakfast at the Intermission Food Court…DS had the chocolate-chocolate chip muffins and I had cereal…
(TIP…DON’T BUY CEREAL AT THE FOOD COURT!!! IT IS VERY EXPENSIVE FOR THE VERY SMALL AMOUNT YOU GET…I knew better, but that’s all I wanted. I will buy a box of cereal and take it with me next time =)

Anyway, we got in line for the bus and headed to MK. (((We met a nice couple from Canada traveling with their two small children while we were in line, and chatted with them for a bit…nice people…maybe the nicest the whole trip…)))

We had asked about the park hopper option on our give a day, get a day tix, and found that we could do that for the day. SO…without hesitation, we got the park hopper and we were off. We should have just stayed at MK for the day and saved the money…

We did the “adventureland” side first, Pirates twice, Jungle Cruise and the Swiss Family Treehouse ((DS had never done JC or SFT before, so we had to do them at least once…it was fun!)). Next, to Space Mountain…not. We raced over to Tomorrowland and as soon as we got to the SM fast pass que…they shut the ride down. We got on the People Mover ((one of my personal faves)) and when it took us inside SM, all of the lights were on, and we could see the entire track system!! ((The people mover is separated from SM by a “wall” of plexi-glass, which I did not know…pretty cool…but the people on the part of the track that takes you up didn’t look like they thought so…)). With SM being shut down (and our first of MANY disappointments), we looked at the line for Buzz Lightyear, and decided to come back later…way too long of a wait. We did do Stitch, which was okay, but not the thrill that SM would have been. We decided to head out of MK for a while and hit another park (MK was open until midnight). The park was PACKED and the crowds were intense as we made our way out. Yikes!!

We thought we were going to go to AK, but ended up going to HS. We got on the bus at the TTC. Not too long of a wait to leave the TTC, or to get to the park. Same scenario…headed to Rockin Rollercoaster…Waited in line for 30 minutes…and they shut the ride down with no explaination, and no concession for having to wait in a “dead” line.

Next stop, fast pass for Twilight Zone Tower or Terror. We had a few hours to “kill” so we thought we would head to Star Tours…shut down…SOOOOO…we went to Sounds Dangerous…I will never get that 12 minutes of my life back…If I knew I was going to sit in the dark with headphones on, I would have bypassed it…

Next, we did The Great Movie Ride, and Muppet Vision 3D - I have seen it many times, but DS hadn’t and was feeling pretty bad that all of the good rides were broken. We had lunch at the ABC Commissary…yuck…crappy food…but, the park was packed, lines everywhere, and we needed to eat something, not to mention our time was VERY limited. After lunch, we were getting close to our fast pass time at TOT, so we headed in that direction. BUT, of course…the Parade had started, so we had to re-route and take the LONG way to our ride. Thank the Lord for Fast Pass…we didn’t wait very long, BUT…the elevator we were to ride was broken so they moved us to another one. This was the best part of the day!!! DS and I had a blast and he wanted to do it again, but we didn’t have the time to stand in line.

We left HS after the ride, and headed out. We wanted to head right to EPCOT, but instead we went back to the hotel and went for a very short swim. It was cut short, because of “unscheduled maintenance”…aka someone did something in the pool that they weren’t supposed to…but I couldn’t get a cast member to own up to that comment…lol. This was at the Guitar pool…so we went to the Piano pool for a bit, then changed and headed back to EPCOT. (((I planned ahead because I knew what we would encounter coming out of the park later on, so rather than take the bus, we drove to the TTC and took the monorail to EPCOT…SOOOO GLAD I DID…)))

Okay, so we got to EPCOT at around 5:30pm. First stop, Test Track. Single Rider Line!! Although the CM said we WOULD be separated, we ended up in the same car anyway…heheh. I was disappointed with Test Track. The “pre-show area” where they show the video about car testing wasnt working, therefore, if this were to be someone’s first time on the ride, they would have NO idea what was going on. Then, once we were in the car, no audio throughout most of the ride…just the ride. I was disappointed because the audio and pre-show are what complete the experience. DS loved it anyway! ((whew…a good part…)
Next was Mission Space…NO WAIT!! We did the intense experience…which as DS said…was lame…He is 10…I’m not surprised he felt that way. Next we thought we would go to Imagination…nope…closed, and so was Living with the Land. SOOOO…we decided to go into the World Showcase…FOOD AND WINE FESTIVAL, HERE I COME…not…
There were what seemed like hundreds of thousands of people at the entrance into World Showcase, that we couldn’t edge through if we tried. We turned around and went back into FW. We decided to get dinner in the Land pavillion, and it was good. We both had a ruben focaccia and some sort of potato salad. It was nice to sit for a minute too…all we did was run all day…and it’s not over yet…
Next stop, Spaceship Earth. Nice upgrade to the ride, more modern and applicable to our current technology; the end is different too…we enjoyed it.
Okay, so now it’s about 8pm or so, and we got back on the Monorail (the one that has been transformed into a “TRON-orail” I will post pics) and headed back to MK…
Still crowded, SM had re-opened but by the time we got back there was a 90 minute wait, same with Buzz…so we rode on the People Mover again. Then we headed to the Haunted Mansion. Not sure why, but the grave is gone from the waiting area of the ride as you enter the mansion…they have basically boarded it up. Oh well, the ride is the same…“scary as ever”… Next, we made our way through the crowd (and under the fireworks…very cool…) to Frontier land. We rode Thunder Mountain ((Great at night…had never done that before)), and then Splash Mountain…and that was enough for me for one day…DS wanted to go on Splash a second time…but I was DONE!!! We headed for the exit at around 11 or so…and got on the boat to the TTC…and were back at our room by about 12. (((DS was so tired…he fell asleep in the car…and I was sooooo happy that I drove…If you have ever waited to get on a bus in the middle of the night after being at a park all day…you know what I mean…))) On the river boat heading to the TTC, one of the CM’s said that there were 48,000 people in MK for the fireworks show that night.

to be continued…


He is 10 =) I just posted my second installment of our trip…


WOW!! What a day!!! It sounds like you managed to have a great time dispite the crowds and down rides. Can’t wait to see pictures.


Wow, what a great day! If you have time I would love to see some pictures.


What a fun packed day! I can’t wait to hear more…


Great trip report. Keep it coming…


Can anyone tell me how to get my pictures into a thread…??? Thanks =)


That’s EXACTLY how I felt about “Sounds Dangerous”!!!


Sunday…our last day at WDW…

Well, you can imagine how tired we were, so we didn’t get moving very early. Check out was by 11, and we didn’t leave our room until around 10:30.

The game plan was to have breakfast, which we did, then head over to DTD. On the way, we passed the Winter Summerland Miniature Golf Course, so I suggested playing a round of mini-golf, and my DS was more than happy to accept the offer!

What a cool little place!! This may be one of Disney’s best kept secrets!! ((We have passed by about a million times over the years and never stopped in before)). It’s located just before you get to the entrance of Blizzard Beach.

Players can choose from a “winter” themed course or a “summer” themed course. Both courses are identical, just themed different.

The man that took my money was less than friendly. He acted as though I should have already known the “drill” of the place - even though I hadn’t been there before. Watch out for this guy!! ((The cost to play one round was $24 plus tax for the two of us))

I didn’t let this guy get to me though…my son and I were ready for some fun!! There was a 12 minute wait before we could start our game, so we hung out and I took some pictures. The 12 minute wait was not bad, and it was not crowded!! NICE!

We opted for the “winter” themed course, mainly because we live in FL, so seeing beach sand is just boring for us…lol. The course is very cute, and was a little difficult to play (I am NOT a golfer, so I couldn’t get that darn ball in the holes). We had fun though, and my DS isn’t half bad at mini golf. He even showed me a thing or two on how to swing…lol.

We were there for about an hour and a half, and the weather was beautiful. A little warm, but very enjoyable. At the end of the game, when you turn in your club, the attendant gives everyone in the party a souvenier golf ball, and a candy cane…nice touch! At least the attendant was a nice lady and not that mean old man from the ticket window…LOL.

After our round of golf, we headed to DTD. We didn’t stay long, it got too hot, and the place was pretty crowded. So, we went to the Lego store…again…so DS could spend the last of his money.

After that, we headed for home.

We had a nice weekend away, but it went by too fast. Gotta plan the next one…=)

I would love to post some pictures from our trip…does anyone know how I can get them into my thread posts??? I tried to copy and paste, that didn’t work…