Tron 2 and other sequels in 2011 (maybe)


3-D Tron Sequel Due In '11?

Disney plans to release a 3-D sequel to its classic SF movie Tron in spring 2011, Dark Horizons reported. The Digital Disney 3-D movie reportedly will be directed by Joseph Kosinski.

The studio also has Cars 2, National Treasure 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean 4 scheduled for that year, the site reported.

Other reports suggest the fourth Pirates movie may focus on one character to downsize the budget. Other reports talk of a hyper-budget, ultra-fantastical feature, meaning anything from dinosaurs to Jules Verne-esque floating fortresses, the site reported.

Also Step Up 3D(I will not be seeing that) sorry Disney I have to draw the line somewhere.


They could cut Tron2 and put that money on Pirates. I’m a sci-fi fan but hated Tron. On the other hand I thought POTC looked bad and never bothered with it until this past weekend. I liked it so much I watched the second movie as well. It’s really pretty good and its good to hear that they are doing a 4th but that’s a lot of time between them.


Master Computer got rebooted? :laugh:


Tron? Really? :pinch:

And as for Pirates… a decent script, please. I thought the last one was a disaster.


So true… I still haven’t dished out the money for At Worlds End On Blu-Ray yet.


I didnt enjoy the last Pirates as much as the others- I hope they are not trying to milk every last drop out of a terrifc original concept.


I have no idea where I read it, but I think I saw that they were kicking around just focusing on Jack Sparrow for the next one. Makes sense, I’m kind of tired of Elizabeth Swan and Will Turner but I can’t get enough of Jack! We own all 3 and watch them frequently.

I still haven’t seen National Treasure 2 but I loved the first one. Cars we would of course see.


I saw an interview with Johnny Depp awhile back and altho he said the Pirates franchise has allowed his family to live very comfortably, he wouldn’t be back for a 4th! :confused: But I guess MONEY TALKS!! :happy:

We love :heart: the :pirate: films . . . my DD8 can’t get enough . . . and at the end of 3 . . . after the credits rolled . . . that last scene did leave the whole thing WIDE OPEN!! :eek:

I’m sure we’d see Cars again, altho I read the cars film was one of Pixtars least grossing film . . . honestly I’d like to see TOY STORY come back again . . . :heart: that one!