Tropical Depression # 1 info


Here is the 5 day map for TD#1 as of 6/10/06 9am EST. :nonono2:



Ugh… we’re leaving in a few hours for our trip. We’re supposed to stay in Tampa until Monday then drive to WDW. I hope this one goes away (for everyone’s sake!)


Here we go again… . Good luck leslieh and all of our Florida friends!!


Good luck, Leslieh. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!


And so it begins…
:eek: :crying: :nonono2:


It will only be at best a Tropical Storm when it hits Florida. We badly need the rain so I hope it comes(sorry all you people coming to Disney this week;there are too many brush fires erupting because of the drought conditions,especially one right now very close to Disney that has parts of US 192 in Osceola County shut down).


Can I ask a question? (And totally not being rude about it.)

Why is this ok to be in Mousetrap? I thought the whole idea behind Mousetrap was for stuff Disney-related that didn’t belong the other park forums.

So I made this same post, in Chit Chat first thing this morning. Because really, storm updates have nothing to do with Disney and seem chat related. So… I guess the CC post can be deleted. :huh:


I agree we need the rain here something fierce. Everything is so dry.

Kippage, those who are planning trips to WDW might be interested in local weather forecasts, especially a Tropical storm and where the cone falls. Thus making it Disney related IMHO.


As sandanv1 said “those who are planning trips to WDW might be interested in local weather forecasts, especially a Tropical storm and where the cone falls.” Also I did this all last year without anyone taking issue to it being posted where all could see,[then in “WDW Theme Parks” area but thought “The Mouse Trap” was a better area for it to be now] but as always it is not my call to if a tread is moved and or deleted. Sorry if you took issue with the tread.


ROFL. I never ‘took issue’ with it. I was just curious why it was here when it’s not Disney-related.

And yes, I know they were done last year. And I still thought they were in the wrong place then. But apparently, my logic is screwed.


It pertains to travel to FL which affects those going to Disney. It makes sense to me…


How would you move a tread? :tongue:


I think it might be better placed here since not everyone can access chit chat… but certain aspects of this discussion could warrant chit chat status… (Once again, I am on the fence).

I am supposed to be in the car right now driving to Tampa… this will be my last post until next week. Keep all fingers and toes crossed that Florida gets just enough rain to be helpful, but not too much to cause any damage.


I hope all goes well for you, Leslie! Be careful driving in the rain!!

THis thread will be great here in the Mouse Trap as long as it isn’t hijacked to death.


Models for TD 1.

<a href=“”><img src=“” border=“0” width=“700” alt=“Image Hosted by” /></a>


I agree with Erin. I did hurricane Wilma last year and it was Disney related to me. Lets just not hijack this to death but use it to keep an eye on the weather for everyone going to WDW and those DC members that live in FL everyday.

Stay safe everyone!


Latest Forecast Models.

<a href=“”><img src=“” border=“0” width=“750” alt=“Image Hosted by” /></a>


Brace yourselves! I’m praying for all DC members in Hurricaine Ally! I honestly hope it’s a light season! You deserve a break! :wink:


Those red and blue lines go right over my house!


the yellow one is right over my house in PSL :crying: