Tropical Storm Erika


Well, looks like there is a weak tropical storm that is taking aim at Florida. Weather service only shows the storm track through Monday AM but if you extend it that would have the storm hitting Florida around Wednesday or Thursday. Of course we are leaving to fly down on Thursday. :eek:

I know there are a bunch of people from NJ going around the time we are so let’s all cross our fingers that the storm does not hamper our travel plans.


I am going to keep my fingers crossed for a sharp turn right…:eek:

Don’t want it hitting FL or going into the Gulf.:crying:


Yeah, it would not be good if it turned towards to gulf either. Right now the weather service is reporting that the storm seems to be losing strength and there even is a possibility it will just dissipate. That would be the best scenario.


We leave Sept 12th. I pray to god that there isnt a storm going on while we are there…


I am praying with you!


It needs to go through the gulf and cross into central Texas. They are in a major drought right now. The year Katrina came through, Georgia was in a major drought. It was wiped away by that one storm- a 13 inch drought. I was thankful for the rain, but not all of the destruction that it caused. I hope that central Florida doesn’t get hit, but Texas really needs it…


The National Hurricane Center is currently forecasting Erika to be a complete blow out by the weekend. That is, they’re forecasting it to fall apart in the next two days and become a remnant low. This will occur long before it gets anywhere near Florida. Whatever we do see, it will only be rain and some slightly gusty winds and nothing more.
Of course, Andrew was almost dead in the water and suddenly exploded into a monster, so there is a possibility that Erika could reform, but for now, it looks very good that there is nothing to worry about.

Tropical Storm ERIKA Forecast Discussion

Florida could use the rain too. We’re still behind the curve as far as total rainfall this year.


I once dated a girl named Erica in highschool…she was kind of scary…not really on topic but we’ll be there before the storm gets there so bring it on!!!

I mean, really, it’s moving 1 mile an hour. I’m not too concerned. We might get on the boat and meet it out in the water as slow as it’s moving…lol


I was just watching the weather a few mins ago and it looks like florida is going to be ok. Im not worried! Now I just hope that another storm doesnt form over the next week before we get ready to leave on the 10th…


Katrina may have been a blessing for GA, but like you said…destruction. I live in the milder destruction area, just miles from New Orleans. Last year we had Gustav… I had to go through house repairs from both of those storms.:crying: We were out of electricity for 2 weeks with Katrina…no cable or internet for over a month (can live with that, but boring…), no cell phone service for about a week and on and off landlines, had to wait in lines for an hour or more to get gas for cars and generators, then could only use cash and was limited to how much you could purchase. We were in WDW for Gustav, but was out of electricity for 5 days. I also remember the long hot days of no electricity from Andrew…So, I don’t wish hurricanes on any area.:ohmy:


Send her to Texas. We need the rain bad!!!


Not gonna cause a “stink” but I hope for Texas’ sake that you do get lots and lots of rain, just not in the form of a TS or Hurrincane…I’m sure coastal Texas would appreciate that.:blush:


Erika is most probably going to just be a rain event with a little above normal winds within the next 36 hours, well before it even reaches Florida. Unless conditions change really fast.


We leave the same day, and I hope it stays clear.
Fingers, toes & anything else is crossed!!

In '05 storm came just before and just after we left… interesting



Tropical Storm Erika is dead.
There is a less than 30% chance that the remnant low, which is over Puerto Rico, might regenerate back into a weak tropical storm over the next 48 hours.
Meaning, it is most likely that this will bring a couple squalls to the area south of Kissimmee, if even that. In other words, you’ve got a greater chance of a heavy afternoon downpour from the regular afternoon rain.


Just a quick update: Erika is still dead and not coming back.