Tropical Storm Nicole, Rain in FL & I95


Ok so we were going to leave late tonight into tomorrow morning. Now Im watching the weather channel and they are talking about tropical storm Nicole which is going to be dumpping ALOT of rain from Florida all the way up the east coast. We live in NJ and are driving down to Orlando via I95. It looks like all the rain will be out of Florida by tonight however the east coast has rain starting late tonight and all day tomorrow… Now I’m wondering when would be a good time for us to leave to start the drive down? We don’t have to check into BLT until Friday. Any thoughts? Thanks! :mickey:


I’m sorry to hear about this bad weather, I hope someone gives you the advice you’re looking for.


Sorry I can’t help you with this, but I hope you have a safe trip and a magical vacation!


Can you work your way over to I-75 if it is too much rain? I know it would take longer, but you would really have to slow down in that much rain. Plus, it would be miserable and stressful-until you got to where you were going… How much rain are they predicting?

Be careful, tropical storms are no joke.


So far it has been nothing…keep an eye on it but I wouldn’t change plans yet.

(we were suppose to be pounded with rain today and got nothing. My parents further south said it was a nice rain storm but not worth the hype.)


I’m watching the news right now and it looks like it’s going to affect further down south but really won’t be much for Orlando, NE Florida, etc. Just some rain. You’ll be fine!


Just make sure you have a plan B if you decide to take the regular route, so if the rain is just too much, you will have a planned out alternate route already. One time when we drove to Disney, Atlanta had an ice storm hit the same time we were getting close to Georgia. Ended up calling a relative who lives in the area, who redirected us to a route through Alabama to avoid the ice. It was a good feeling knowing we were avoiding a mess.


Atlanta is a MESS in an ice storm…

The weather here said the storm fizzled out today. Have a safe and fun trip!


Thanks for all the help everyone. We are going to leave a little earlier than we orginally planned. We are hoping to be out of the house by 9pm tonight and take our time down etc. We will stop if the rain gets really bad etc. We are in no rush at all which is good so we can take our time. I will keep everyone posted from the road cause I’m taking our laptop with us and I have the internet connection to it from my cell so all is good… Trip report from the road and while we are in Disney… TTFN Thanks again everyone!


SoFlo got a LOT of rain 10" between last night and today - the “worst” was suppose to be between 2-4pm, but if fizzled out.


take your time and leave early if you can ,also if you are connected …by way of vehicle or phone …many many applications to tell you up to date traffic and road conditions…or a 3g connected laptop…use them they will be of great asistance …truly…my vehicle has on star and it tells me even if there is traffic sevral miles up the road…today you don’t have to travel blind…that is what is good about todays technology


have a great trip!!!


Thought of you this morning, as I was looking at the big dark green glob across the East Coast on the weather map. Wondering if things were going okay with your drive.


Hope you are having a safe trip down, and can’t wait to read your LIVE TR!!


Hope you make it there safely. We are swimming in the rain here in Maryland.


Have a safe trip, and have a good time once you get there.


Today MOST of the rain is along the coast. I-95 is inland about 50 miles and is getting some rain…SE VA is getting swamped today. We’ve gotten 5-8 inches. Power has been out for 7 hours so it was a total washout a work today in more ways than one!


Hoping you made it there safely. Can’t wait to hear about your trip!


good luck!!
be safe!!
and have fun!!!


What a rain! We got 8 inches. Looks lke some areas in NC just south got 10-12 inches.

Thanks goodness it’s not raining anymore!