Tropicana Inn or Carousel Inn & Suites


We are trying to decide between staying at the Tropicana Inn and Suites or the Carousel Inn and Suites. Does anyone have any opinions on which would be the better choice?


I have never heard of them??? Where are they??? Sorry I couldn’t help! :frowning:


They are both in Anaheim on South Harbour Blvd.


I know the tropicana allows animals. A friend of mine stayed there and liked it. I have never stayed there, but I may next time because I have to take my dog.


DW and I have stayed at Carousel back when we were dating. We enjoyed it very much and got a 2 room suite for $99 (with AAA discount). It is clean, and is upkept very nicely! It has great access to the crosswalk to Disneyland, so that is nice. All in all, I would stay there again…IF Desert Palm Inn and Suites was full that is! :smile:


I second what DH said…we really enjoyed Carousel Inn & Suites, and were surprised how HUGE our suite was for only $99/night! The pool is only open seasonally; that’s a downside so we were not able to check it out. But the decor in the rooms is beautiful and the windows facing outward have nice shutters. Overall it was well worth the price!


i love Carousel Inn…they’re pretty cheap too…i mean, i didnt look at MANY other hotels, cause i had my heart set on that one…its practically across the street from DL…so yeah…its nice though…and their pool is on the roof…which is fun!!! :slight_smile: im staying there in December!! woo!!!


The one trip I had to DL back in 2000, we stayed at Carousel Inn…it was clean and no problems, I would recommend it.


I’ve never stayed at the Carousel Inn, but I’ve seen it and it looks very nice. I have stayed at the Tropicana Inn…I wasn’t completely satisfied. The pool is very small, as well as the rooms. It’s nice to stay at for about two days, and it is right across the street from Disneyland, but it’s probably not as nice as the Carousel.


I have stayed at both and pick the Carrousel Inn.

For pictures of rooms and what happened to me at the Tropicana go to and click on Good Neighbor Moderate Hotels. You will find links to all the Good Neighbor Moderater Hotels.

Hope this helps.