Trouble Getting a Studio


So I think I have my Mom and Sister talked into going with me to Disney for a quick, last minute trip. We chose 4 posibilities as far as dates, two different long weekends in November, and two in December. When I called member services to check availability, there were no studios available for either weekend in December (first two weekends, so not even close to Christmas), and only SSR for one in Nov, and SSR or OKW for the other November date. Is this the norm? I thought with having so many dvc resorts now, that there wouldn’t be any problems getting a room.


I have never tried to use my points for the first 2 weeks in December, but from what I have heard that is a very busy season for DVC. All the Christmas activities going on there and the low points charts for that time make it a very appealing time for members to travel.


I ended up with a one bedroom at SSR 11/30 to 12/5. My dates were flexible but still no luck with a studio for the first three weeks in Dec. I also did not want SSR but that was all that was left.