Trouble logging in to VMK?


Is anybody else having trouble logging in to VMK? I haven’t been able to get in since last week. It will start loading and then just stops about 1/4 of the way through. :eek:


For me it just seems to be shutting down alot, no troubles logging back on.


Tigger and I arranged for this to happen to you.


Why have you and tigger ran away from VMKingdom??


Oh my heavens no!! BTW–Hey Spidey!!! Tig and I were talking about VMK and queens at Spoodles. We just like to give her a bad time!


ARG!!! It’s on now girlie!!! Especially since they brought the ice back to the games. :pirate: Wish that I could rub my five fireworks pins your face right about now…oh wait I just did…LOL :wink:


:eek: :eek: :eek: No wonder my ears were ringing! :tongue:


:glare: :glare: :glare: :glare: :glare: :glare:


I really don’t know why Tigger had such a reaction when I mentioned your name…his eyes got all red and well, I was just shaking so bad the picture is all out of focus. I will EARN that pin one of these days or nights… :pinch: