Trouble retrieving ADRs made prior to upgrade


So I went on to the WDW website, logged in so I could check my ADRs. I had made a change on Wednesday and wanted to cancel one of the old ADRs. Well, when I went to My Reservations it only showed the one ADR I added on Wednesday. So I tried the retrieve by confirmation # and it would not pull any of the others. It gave me an “I’m sorry we are experiencing technical difficulties”. Has any one else had this problem? I’m hoping it is just a glitch due to the upgrade but I’m nervous. We are there in 5 weeks for Thanksgiving week! I will call Monday if I cant get it to work.


I am sure that happened to us. I had booked quite a few but when I checked via the site, several were missing. However, I had e-mailed the list to myself straight after making them and the ADR’s were on that list. I printed it off and just thought well I’ll just show this if theres a problem.

Keep trying, it may be the site, but if not give them a call. I had tried making one or two again when it happened to us, and when I got to Sci Fi diner there were two reservations in my name, so they are there just not visible!


When in doubt, call and talk to a human.
Chances are very good that you have nothing to worry about.

If you have each of your reservation numbers, you can check that way as well and see what comes up.


I thought I had lost all but 1 of mine for last weekend - on Friday when I went to print them out. I was a little freaked when I thought theye were gone 12 hours before my trip start especailly with F&W Fest weekend crowds! I called DVC member services and they looked my missing dinner ADRs up and I slept much better that night! (I knew there was a reason that I write down those confirmation numbers.)

They are still there. It’s the upgrade. Wouldn’t be one without some bugs. After the 20th you should be able to find them all again.


I checked mine yesterday and 2 were missing. I called and was told that this is a known glitch and the reservations are there. I gave the CM my phone # and all my reservations were pulled up. Since you made a change, I would definately call and make sure the change was made. The system is going down at midnight tonight, so I would call today.


I just went online to check my reservations too, and there were 7 of them missing. I then tried looking them up by confirmation number, like the website suggested, and they still weren’t showing up. It told me to call the WDW dining line. I just got off the phone with WDW dining, and the woman there said that all of my reservations are listed and they do have them. She went over each confirmation number that the website doesn’t show, and assured me that they are definelty in their system. She explained that they are having some issues with their system, and that is why they are doing the upgrade, etc tonight. She also said that as of 9am tomorrow morning, all my reservations will show up on the website again.
Thank goodness I kept all of the confirmation emails with the confirmation numbers, or I would be freaking out right now.


I too did call today and mine too are still there just won’t show on the site. I feel much better and SO glad I printed them out. I’ll check again before we leave on Nov. 19.


I think we will be there the same time. We are getting to Disney November 20th.


I just checked mine - I made them 4 weeks ago and I’m going tomorrow and all the reservations were there


Yes we will be! We check in on Nov. 19 and leave Nov. 27


Mine too are missing in action. I am sure that they are there…those CMs are going to think I am crazy as much as I call to see why I can’t find my ADRs


Whoops, just went to see if I could find them online and the site is down for maintenance…look like those glitches are being worked on (or so I hope)