Trying to decide


We will be in the MK on Nov. 13 to celebrate my DS’s 13th b-day. He wants to eat @ Tony’s Town Square for dinner plans. I see that they will be having the MVMCP that night which means they will prob close the park around 7 p.m. Should we buy tickets for this event?? What do you think the crowd level will be? We have never done this event.


I’ve never been to the Christmas Party but I know that these parties are excellent and worth the extra cost. We’ve done MNSSHP and we loved it…I recommend going!


I also have not been to the Christmas Party but if given the opportunity I would go to the MVMCP in a heartbeat. BUY THE TICKETS!..

Thats only my opinion :wub:



Ask DS if he wants to do it. I loved the parties…its more about what there and less about the attractions. I would love to get the chance to attend one of the Xmas ones.


I have been. GO GO GO GO GO GO ! It is so much fun. There are tons of great surprises, and more to do than a regular day. GO! It really puts you in the mood for Christmas! GOGOGOGOGO!!! (did I say GO???)


NO NO NO NO.MVMCP is always crowded and not worth the $$. If he wants Italian, suggest Mama Melrose’s. DHS will be less crowded that night anyway. I’ll be there on the 13th as well. Although we’ll be in Epcot that night.


We love the extra parties and would do one in a second given the chance. We did the Christmas party a couple of years ago and loved it. We went on the last night a few days before Christmas and the park was kind of crowded but I didn’t feel like it was packed. We weren’t there for the rides, we can do those any time, we were there for the atmosphere and the special activities. It really was magical.

The last Pirate and Princess Party we went to wasn’t crowded at all, all the rides were a walk on and we did all the extra things with no wait. I would plan my trip around another P&P Party if Disney ever brings it back.


What about Tutto Italia Ristorante in Epcot? I’ve never eaten here but I have wondered about it. Not sure I’ve ever seen a review on MB.


Tutto Italia is AWESOME! One of our favorites…simple spagetti and meatballs is the best.


Ok, so now he wants to eat at Chef Mickey’s for dinner and then go to the MVMCP. I wish MK had more table services places to eat. LTT was our fav til they got rid of the characters. Tried CP in June and it was okay.


Chef Mickey’s is a better choice. We’re doing that this year as well. Actually, my mother-in-law and the kids are doing it, while the wife and I had over to Narcoosse’s for a, by then, much needed break