Trying to find this DVD


Hello everyone. I was hoping someone could maybe tell me where I can buy a copy of " Walt Disney- The man behind the myth". I have found it on amazon but I am not willing to spend around $100.00. Does anyone know if that is really my only option? Maybe someone knows of a store where I can find it at a reasonable price. If there vare any ideas. please let me know. Thanks!


Did you try eBay?


I just deleted it from my DVR - I wish I knew sooner.


I did find one on ebay but the shipping costs are not explained too clearly and I have been burned before so I will need to contact the seller to be sure.


Can’t you get it on netflix?


I looked and can’t see it there. Don’t know if we get different stuff in Canada than in the U.S.


Thanks for the ideas guys. I just ordered it from ebay. It could take up to 4 weeks to get to me according to the seller’s info, but at least I will have it.