Trying to get a brunch resie question


When we board the Magic for our 7 night Western Caribbean cruise, one of the first things I want to do is to go and check if I can be squeezed into the Champagne Brunch that is currently booked, or be put on a waiting list. I read somewhere to go the the Rockin D Bar to do so…is this correct? Is this just for boarding day until a certain hour? After that you do these kind of things at Guest Services??
Will we want to go to our cabin to see our Rotation schedule first? Or will they be able to let us know what our rotation is there?


Before you even get on the ship when you check in at the cruise terminal each member in your party will be given your room key. It’s like your ID card for the week. Your dining rotation will be on this card.
Once you get on the ship then go straight to Rockin d bar and they will help you get a ressie for brunch.
Depending on what time you get onto the ship your cabin may not be open immediately. We arrived on the boat around lunch time they basically let you play in the pool area or go to they dining rooms where a buffet lunch is provided-they will have your hallway blocked off to your cabin until your rooms are ready.
After the first day you will most likely handle any other ressies with Guest services. They are there to help you in every way possible.


We were able to book Palo at many different times when we boarded. As everyone else, we tried booking before and could not. I wouldn’t worry too much, I think you will get in.


You should be able to book palo at your 90 day mark on the disney cruise line web site. It is recommended because it fills up fast. Also here is a picture of my boarding pass if you notice in the middle it says PLLAAPL that is your dinning rotation. P - Parrot Cay, A - Animators Palate, L - Lumiere’s (if you are on the magic or it will be Triton’s. It even has your table number. Lastly, if there is a change to you dinning rotation like ours was your servers will let you know since they follow you to every dinning room.