Trying to make ADR


Okay it is exactly 180 days out and I am going over Easter so I want to get my adr in early. I sit down with my family and make them help me pick where we want to eat. After 2 hours of menus and I want to try something different to just a plain yuck from my son. I call and the cm tells me oh you can’t make the reservation till November 21st because of our new system. Is this correct what did I miss.


Yes, that’s true. they are working on their reservation system, so no one can make ADRs until it’s done. There’s an article on that on Deb’s Unofficial Walt Disney World Vacation Information Guide - WDW Planning Guide - Walt Disney World


the upside? more time to pour over menus and look on here for food pics to drool over!!

sorry for the disappointment though!!


Personally, I wouldn’t be angry in the least if they decided to collapse the reservation window back to 90 days. It might just be a good thing because it would act as an equalizer and make it easier for me to get those reservations for Chef Mickey’s and le Cellier on a more realistic basis. I don’t like locking in my planning for meals 6 months in advance, especially if I’m not even sure what days I will or won’t actually be in WDW. Three months should be plenty for any human being, no matter how much they suffer from Disneycentric OCD.


This is correct. I think the only exceptions are CRT and that fancy place at the GF (I forgot the name). Once the system is complete, the moms panel says you can make ADR 90 in advance vs 180 AND you can make them online.


I think you can also book Chef Mickey’s early.


I agree with you it was so hard trying to figure out where we would be on that day especially when the event calendar is not up to date.


Thanks I can’t believe I missed this oh well no worries.


It’s hard for us to make 180 days out because we usually just go spur of the moment. So I’m glad that they’ve changed it.


oh, so i don’t need to rush to decide my adr’s for may? i was thinking i needed to know in november, but if it’s just 90 days out, i have until much later. yay - more time to drool over pictures and menus!!


Yup, relax, browse the menus on allearsnet some more…:closedeye