Trying to not get too excited but I can't help it!


OMG, my head is spinning. I just got a message from the most wonderful member in my family, she wants to give me her DVC points!! The only stipulation is that they need to be used by May. I was just starting to look at pricing for us to try to get back to WDW in August, this is like too good to be true. Keep your fingers crossed that I convince DH that this is just such an amazing gesture and we cannot possibly turn her down.


I agree, no way can you turn that down. Ok, get packing.

Congratulations, what a nice gesture


Well if DH ain’t with you , he’s against you. And so I say: “Go any way!”

of course if I tried that I’d end up in divorce court.



Oh wow, there is no way DH can turn that down! What a lovely gesture. Now, I agree, you must get planning!!


That’s awesome! Get to planning!


Wasn’t shot down! I need to figure out some dates and see what some of the options are. Fingers and toes are crossed.