Ts 1 & 2


So did anyone see this yet? reviews??

does anyone know or think this will be released on dvd (the 3d version)

I know Disney released the HM 3d movie, so thats what made me think of this…I’m hoping so.


I saw it. It really added some cool depth to many of the scenes. I was hoping that there would be more new elements added to intro the double feature and to attach the first movie to the second, but otherwise it was just as fun to watch today as it was when they came out. I was reminded that the second movie was definitely a vast improvement over the first in visuals, humor, and concept. This really got me excited to see what the third Toy Story will bring us next year. It was a great way to be reminded of everything that has taken place so far and it even made some of the cross movie gags that I missed previously stand out by watching the two movies back to back. My son laughed at jokes he did not understand when he watched these movies several years ago and my daughter has rediscovered her Jessie doll that has been in her closet since she was a baby. All in all, it was a blast to watch and stands up very well because of such endearing characters, great music, and such a relatable concept. And yes, the song about Emily and Jessie still pulls at your heart strings (how many other computer animated movies can touch you in such a way?)

I would imagine that either a new double feature set will come out with 3D on Blu-ray OR they will release a Trilogy in 3D after the next movie goes to Blu-ray.


Awwww I am scared that mine won’t sit through the movies but I am dying to see them. My niece who is nine used to watch them every single day. I haven’t had the heart to watch them without her (my sister moved her to england) :frowning: hopefully when they come and visit it’ll be out on dvd so we can watch it togethe again!


my kids won’t sit through it in the movie theater either…we have them on DVD but the 3D DVD would be an awesome thing!!!
here’s wishing for it to come out on dvd in 3D :mickey::mickey::whistling


I have an 8 year old and a 3 year old.

The 3 year old did well through most of the first one. The second one, she yelled out loud “I want to go home”. :laugh:

We went to a 3:55 on a Monday, so it was not very crowded.


We saw it Saturday. We love Toy Story 1 and 2 so it was exciting to see them in the theater. The 3D was well done, just the right amount of depth added. We went to a 12:00 show and the theater was packed. Most of the kids were good for the first movie but I could hear a lot more noise during the second one. It’s a long time for little ones to sit still.