TS mania?


Hi all. I cant seem to find this anywhere. Does anyone know when the opening of this ride will be? Thanks


I understand it will have a summer opening, but some lucky people (maybe CMs?) have experienced it already, bcause I have read great reviews!


i think may


True that. Soft opening for CMs, then passholders, then everyone, then finally, an official opening in May! I heard a rumor we CMs will get our chance in the next 2 weeks so as soon as I’m off the ride I’ll post my own personal review.


It would be nice if a soft opening occurred between April 7-9.
For me anyway.


I have also heard mid-April. :slight_smile:



Cool! We have business in FL in the month of April. We will be in Miami for several weeks. On our way back to GA maybe a trip to the studios will be in order to check it out. I can’t wait for the review to start coming in.


Well, what would you like to know? It’s UNBELIEVABLE!!! When it first moved here I was afraid they would cut things from Disneyland’s version but nothing has been cut and the parade is just fantastic!!! The energy, music, characters, EVERYTHING. Starts at 3. Does 2 show stops. Both show stops can be seen at the Hat. Definitely a huge facelift for DHS! Anything else? Just holla!


Lucky you! I can’t wait to hear what you think of it. I’m so glad to hear it will be open for our June trip.


I got caught by one of the show stops outside Mulholland Madness. I didn’t want to be. Mulholland Madness had just broken down.:crying:


I will be there 5-21 -5-26 so I have high hopes…


I’m thought it was summer too, but I’ll be happy to keep my fingers crossed for mid-april.


I’m so excited to hear what this ride is all about. TS is my all time favourite movie from Pixar too.


TS is my ULTIMATE fav!! I :heart: Potato head!!!


Then you’ll be happy to know Potato Head is in the Block Party Bash if you didn’t know already!

What happens? You get up and you dance like crazy!!! The trampoline guys do amazing things on the tramps. The dancers bounce around on jump stilts, ride around you on scooters, and do everything to get you to scream, dance and party! And just when you think it’s over, The Incredibles pop up into the air out of the floats and keep the Party going!!!


Both TS Mania and Block Party Bash sound so great!


Rowdy that sounds so good- can’t wait to see it.