TS restaurants within 30 minutes of WDW parks via Disney transportation?


WDW veterans - Since we will be touring the parks with a 3 year old I don’t want to spend a lot of time traveling to a restaurant to eat. We will be on the regular dining plan and will use our TS meals for our evening meal. What restaurants can we get to within 30 min. or less via boat or bus from the parks?

We will be going to HDDR one evening - can we take the boat from MK and be there fairly quickly?

Thanks!! :wub:


From the MK, the easiest would be Chef Mickey. You could walk there!

But by boat there is wilderness lodge Whispering canyon. Have to admit, last time we had the skillet we weren’t thrilled, but my DGD loved the place. That trip was about a yr or so ago.

By monorail, you have at the Grand Florian, 1900 park Fare, at Poly, Ohana.

HDDR is a boat ride and a 5 min walk away.

Those are the dinners with Entertainment (some sort of something to keep kids busy). The are just as many places just to eat food.

The only downside of eating at a resort is in order to get back to your own resort, you have to travel back to a park and then to your resort. Unless you were planning, leave the park, eat dinner and head back to the park.

Was there a reason you plan to eat your meals outside the parks?


Narcoossee’s at the GF is a family favorite for dinner. And if you get a ressie at the right time you can watch the MK fireworks or the Elec Parade from the deck.

Grand Floridian Cafe is a really nice spot if you are at MK. We try to do lunch at least once there each trip. We have nver done dinner, but manyhere say it is just as good. Light atmosphere, great menu and very relaxing.

Something else we might try again is hors dervs (sp) in the Poly with your favorite beverage. We pick a set of chairs overlooking the water and sit back and relax. They have servers who work the lobby area. THis might not help use up a TS credit, but it is a nice way to end the day.


jo-jo, We are not planning necessarily to eat out of the parks - our 180 days is approaching and I want to be able to give my family a few options - that way if they don’t like the selection it won’t be my fault LOL!!
Pam&Rich, With my 3 yr-old DGD I don’t see relaxing at WDW in my future LOL! But that does sound wonderful :slight_smile:
Thanks for the help!!!


With your DGD in mind, I’d go for a selection of character dining. So places like;
Chef Mickeys (breakfast/dinner, Contempory),
Cinderellas Happily Ever After Dinner (Park Fare, GF),
Supercalifragelistic Breakfast (Park Fare, GF),
O’Hanas Best Friends Breakfast (Poly),
Breakfast Buffet at Cape May (Y&B),
Character Buffet (breakfast, lunch dinner @ MK),
FairyTale dining in Cinderellas Castle (breakfast/lunch/dinner @MK),
Harvest Feast at the Garden Grill (dinner @ Epcot)
Princess Storybook Dining (Breakfast/lunch/dinner @ Epcot)
Play & Dine at Hollywood and Vine (Breakfast/lunch @HS)
Tusker House (breakfast @ AK)

Plan the in park dining on the days your there, then there is no additional travelling involved. For resort travelling, try going for breakfast, (I know you said TS for the evening meal, but it’s another option! TS in the morning then a QS for dinner at your resort = less travelling) as it will be en route to the park you’re visiting that day! The above are only character dining options!


CP in majic kingdom for any meal it is POOH and friends and they have a great selction for little ones. .


For some nice, simple dinners (having characters and/or entertainment at every meal can get to be a bit much):

Kona Cafe at the Poly
Yak & Yeti Restaurant at AK
Grand Floridian Cafe
Teppanaki, Japan
Chefs de France, France
Via Napoli, Italy


Thanks so much everyone! Thanks too for telling me where the restaurants are - keeps me from having to look every one up =)


Keep in mind that traveling to another place takes up more time than you think it will. It can take 30 minutes to get to the Poly, when you can see it from the MK… With a 3 yo, sometimes it falls into the “where can we eat right now” category. I agree with the breakfast away from the parks-or inside the parks (usually only available with a character meal). Have fun planning your trip- you will love the in park choices, especially for a 3yo girl. It is totally geared towards kids. Have fun!!!


I agree I would use your ts mostly for a dinner meal. That is how we are planning on doing it this fall.