Not sure what category this falls into, but hoping someone can help me out. What’s the best place to purchase custom disney tshirts for our upcoming girls weekend trip?"


Cafepress.com if you have artwork you want to use. Make sure you don’t blow clip art up too much or it get really fuzzt.

Set up a basic “store” and buy from yourself at decent prices. They have wide variety of products and sizes.

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You could always purchase the tees and then buy the iron on transfer paper! If one of you has a decent printer then you can print your designs out and transfer them on yourself, then add little touches like embelishments and ribbons to the tees, could work out a little more cost effective!


On disboards I saw that someone had directions on how to tie-dye shirts with Mickey head designs. They looked sooooo cool!


We used Zazzle to print some shirts for a trip a couple of years ago. We were very happy with the price and product.


ask the brazilians where they make them… hahahahahaha


I was TOTALLY lost on Disboards---- I saw that in the “creative” section people would just post what they were looking for & someone would post a design… so I’m a little confused~ how does it work? Does some super talented creative person design what you want & make the shirts or are they iron-on transfers? Surely they don’t do this for free… can someone explain it to me?:redface: The designs look WAY better than what we had a t-shirt company locally do for us last year but I need the Disboard for Dummies course!


They probably get ‘buy in bulk’ discount!