TSM strategy?


I’m just trying to figure out what our strategy should be at the Studios now that TSM is open.
We figure this to be a popular ride for our DS7 and would like to be able to ride several times.
We plan to get there at rope drop.
The big question:
ride then grab a FP or vice versa?


Sometimes FP aren’t open right at rope drop, but I would suggest having someone get in line, and the other grab the fast passes asap if they the machines are open. They go really quick. Before you know it… the times are way out there.


If my DW can ride this attration, and she did, anyone can. So I expect long lines always for this attration. So be prepared to spend time there.


Grab your fastpass and then ride. The other day we easily got 3 rides in by grabbing a pastpass then getting in the standby line . Once we were done we got right back in line, by that time the line was 30 minutes but it goes quickly.

By 10:30 the fastpasses people were getting we good at about 6:00 that night so you really need to get there early.


Wow, that is worst then Peter Pan at MK . . . this is a very popular ride, but I agree the line seems to move quickly and there is so much eye candy!


I’m glad you asked this! I was starting to wonder how to “handle” the FP situation at the studios. Our problem is choosing between TT, RNRC, and TSM for that first fast pass of the day.


When we were there three weeks ago I spoke to a person who had ridden several times and said that the best strategy was to get a FP before 10 AM, the time in which most FP for this ride were gone. Hope this helps!


When we were at HS over the weekend the FP return times for Midway Mania were close to 6:00 at 10:30 in the morning. I’m sure you would have a better return time at ToT or RnR at 10:00 when you can get your second FP.


I would get a fastpass ASAP!! When we were there a few weeks ago we got one at about 9:30 am and our return time was already 5:45. As soon as we got out FP we jumped in line that was a 30 minute wait!! Wirth the wait!!


I’d suggest if it’s 60 min or less wait in the standard line, go for the standard. That way you can be entertained and see the AMAZING UNBELIEVABLE INTERACTING Mr. Potato Head!


Grab your FP first. The times on it are suggested. You only have to adhere to the going after the first time shown. Then get in line. If you are early enough, your wait should be less than 30 minutes. If you are one of the first ones in the park, you will be able to grab another FP really quick. Most likely, after you get off the ride your first time. Then, you can use both of your FPs later on in the day when the lines are terrible. 3 quick rides if you are there at the rope drop.


Get your fastpass first thing in the morning. It doesn’t make sense to stand in line forever.


Grab the fastpasses then get in the stand-by line, if the stand-by line is still under the hour Id say go around a 2nd time and then use your fastpasses!


We will be trying this on Monday! Thanks for asking the question.


That’s what I was thinking.
I’ve got a couple of newbies with me that have never been on ToT or RNRC, but they’ll just have to wait until later in the day:happy: ! I’ve got to see TSM!!!:happy:


The best time to visit HS is when it has an evening EMH that you can go to while there is something special going on at MK. That probably doesn’t help during the summer months, but, during MNSSHP, MVMCP and P&PP, it works out really well.