Is it still crazy to get on TSM? We were there shortly after it opened and if you did not get there early early you not only could not get on you could not even get fast passes for it. Is it still that bad? How is the single rider line, is it ok?


Last time I was at the World, it was pretty crazy. I recommend a FP.


I have yet to see the “single rider” option available yet. On the days we have gone, they were not offering it. I would still get there early- just to be sure!!


They don’t usually utilize the single rider line due to the length of the other 2. But YOU MUST RIDE THIS RIDE!!!


When we were there in Dec, the wait was over 100 minutes - yikes! I’m definitely going to try and FP this one in 2 weeks.


Yep, definitely still a crazy long wait. My advise…get there at, or close to, opening and get a FP and then get on stand-by which is usually only around 20 mins. early in the morning. Then you have a FP for later to ride again. I have seen the stand-by line as long at 90 mins. and that is when the park was not so full.

They do not have the single rider line any more. I asked a CM why in Dec. and they told me that it wasn’t working and the single riders were waiting as long as everyone else so people were complaining so they haven’t been using it at all.

Ride it though, it is fun, fun, fun!


It was nuts in Feb. when we were there. We got fastpasses first thing. When we walked by a half hour later the fastpasses were gone. Make it your priority. It’s so much fun! We got some fastpasses for 7 p.m. knowing we weren’t going to be in the park - I gave them to a lady with two little girls - she almost cried.


Sorry, I’m new here, What is TSM?


Toy Story Midway Mania ride at Hollywood Studios.


Thanks guys!! So it is just like soarin in otherwords!!:glare: My DS LOVES this ride and we rode it several times last June! At that time they had the single rider option, and it worked great for us!!
Just have to send our DS to get fast passes for us cuz he is fast and move thru a crowd well! Then we’ll jump in the line too!! Just have to be in commando mode:laugh:


That’s ok I’ve been here for a while and I was rackin my brain trying to figure out what it stood for. :laugh:


I have never seen it with less than a 60+ minute wait. It is a good ride, but definitely one where you want to get a Fast Pass!


Oh my, that is so sweet! I remember trying to give someone fast passes for Everest, and they just looked at me like I was crazy.:blink::laugh:


I was told by CMs in December that they gave up on the single rider line because there were so few single riders and most groups that ride are even numbered amounts and the single rider line was generating longer waits than the regular line.
That said, it’s still the longest stand by waiting time in all of WDW and the fast passes literally fly out of the machines in a couple hours.


I’m hoping that it won’t be too crazy when I go in the summer, but most likely it will.


No matter what, you NEED to Fast Pass it and ride it!!! IT IS AMAZING!!! Such a FUN ride!!! I don’t see the lines dying down any time soon.


It’s going to be super busy, it’s still a new ride so add that to summer crowds and the line is going to be long. We went last summer and managed to ride it plenty of times using fastpasses. Get there early in the morning because fastpasses go quickly.


That’s what we noticed last summer when the single rider line was open. They weren’t moving too many single riders through but I’m guessing it was faster than the typical mid-day wait.


When I went in November, the Single Rider line was NOT open throughout our whole trip. We went on the ride 4 or 5 times and it wasn’t open any of the times.


This one will be new to us. We’re really looking forward to it!