Tuesday the 14th I leave for DLR!


On Tuesday the 14th my brother and I leave for a fabulous 3 day (4 days total) DLR trip, I cant wait! It will be the start to my almost 2 week vacation from both jobs and my brother has not been to DLR since 1998, so Im so very excited to take him, hes pretty excited too (although he doesnt show it very well, haha)!

If anyone is going to be there during that time I am totally down to doing a small Meet & Greet, I know I will be meeting one other fellow MB’er while there (experiement6-2-6).

Just wanted to share my excitment, its going to be a nice trip and the crowds shouldnt be too too bad since its going to be a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday while we are there, woot woot!! :happy:


Have a fun trip and hope to see some pics and a poss TR


Hey Tim! My sister (Pochauntas) and I, visit there quite frequently, and we will try and make it one of those days. I think Thursday will probably be the best day for us to go. I will let you know.


That sounds great, I would love meeting you both! Let me know so I can give you a form of contact so we can get in touch while in the park! I will probably do some shopping at Company D on Thursday, one of the Disney TEAM Centers, so if you two are ones who like to buy stuff you are welcome to come along too, great park merchandise at great prices, plus you would get to see a DLR/Disney TEAM Center! :smile:


That sounds great!!! My sister and I have been trying to go to company D for quite some time now. We are huge Disney fanatics and do purchase many Disney products. I really hope we will get to go. Thanks for the invite Tim!


Have a geat time Tim! I’m excited for you! I hope you do a TR with pics!


Awwww say hi to 626 for me!!! :wub: :wub:


Have a great trip!! Can’t wait to read all about it!


Will do! I will do my best to post a TR when I get home! :happy:


Have a great trip!


Have a great trip, I’m looking forward to hearing about it!


have a great trip, Tim. I might be down in L.A. next week (job related), but I never leave home without my AP. Maybe we’ll see you there!


That would be grand!


Have fun Tim! I was able to tour the Walt Disney Studios back in October and enjoyed shopping at the employee store there. I’m not sure if it is the same or not, but I did get the opportunity to buy some of the exclusive merchandise. My car now has a “Part of the Magic” license frame.


Oh cool! No, the Company Store on the Studios is not the one I had Mentioned earlier, “Company D” is just a few minutes from Disneyland, its one of the DLR TEAM Centers (It has Disneyland Resort Cast Merchandise, Park Merchandise and things from the parks and hotels cast members can buy IE: Hotel Dishes, Hotel Furniture, Signs and Promo Things from the Parks, Holiday Decor from the parks and hotels, etc etc, It has computers for CMs to use to log onto the hub, printers to print things, all of the cast publications/paperwork for CM’s etc, etc). But the Studio Cast/Employee Store is a nice place, its more of a Walt Disney Company Cast/Employee Related Store, as Company D is more of a DLR CM Related Store. I wanted those very License Plate Covers too, but I will stick with my “I Make the Magic Happen - Disneyland Resort Cast Member” plates for now :tongue:, but I love to purchase some of the Cast Exclusive Pins and such when I go down there, Cast ID Lanyards, etc etc…so much that I want but not enough money to buy it!:frown::laugh:


Im off to The Happiest Place on Earth!! See you all when I get back! :smile:


Have a blast!!! Please take lots of pictures because I already miss Disneyland so much. :sad:



Yay have a great trip Tim! I am so stoked to hear all about it when you get back!!


If anyone is going to be there during that time I am totally down to doing a small Meet & Greet, I know I will be meeting one other fellow MB’er while there U[/U]. [/QUOTE]

I don’t know who this supposed experiement6-2-6 is, but I enjoyed meeting you and your brother… :laugh:


:laugh: You are always such a poopyhead…