Tuna sandwich at CHH


I heard alot of raves from many of you about Columbia Harbor House. In all of our WDW trips we’ve never gone there. All 3 of us love tuna sandwiches, but I tend to be a little picky about “crunchy” things in my tuna! :pinch:

So I was wondering…does anyone remember if there are any other ingredients - like God forbid - big chunks of celery in it?


I just love the tuna sandwich at CHH. The only thing crunchy I can find is celery. My sister and I make it a point to eat at least one tuna sandwich at CHH each visit. Hope you enjoy the sandwich.


I am VERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRYY picky about tuna…I usually only like to eat my own. However, I loved the Harbour House tuna. It had celery but I think it was small pieces not big chunks that you could choke on or something. I am sure we’ll eat there again this time so I’ll pay close attention to the chunks in my tuna :laugh:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Thanks Bella! I look forward to hearing all about the chunky tuna!!! Have a great trip!


I, too, am a picky tuna salad person - but the CHH sandwich is fantastic. :wub: There is celery in it, but it’s chopped finely. It comes with tomatoes and lettuce, but I’m sure they’d leave it off if that isn’t your thing. It’s not too mushy and not too dry. The bread is SO delicious. A whole grain, chewy and toasted. Try it - you won’t be sorry. (It’s huge, sometimes dh and I share it).


I think I may have to try the tuna sandwich!


What a perfect thread… as I am eating a tuna salad sandwich right now… unfortunately not from CHH though! I don’t necessarily mind “chunks” but I don’t like a “fishy” tuna :pirate: or a “sweet” tuna. Any commentary on CHH’s tuna on that level? :blush:


Not fishy, not “sweet”.:laugh: and not a “mayonaisey” taste.:pinch: Just a very “mild” tuna salad taste. Just like Mary Poppins, “it’s practically perfect in every way”.:happy:


OK…I’ve officially added CHH as a stop for our Nov trip! Can’t wait!