Turf Club at SSR


I’d read reviews of this place before here on MB and thought we’d try it out while we were at SSR last week.

Let me just tell you…I knew this place would be decent BUT… OMG…:wub::wub::wub::wub: It was one of our best meals of the week!!! The steak (I had the prime rib) is right up there with Le Cellier–yes it was THAT good!!! Melted in your mouth!!!

So… If you are ever THINKING about this place GO!!! You won’t be disappointed!!! (An ADR is HIGHLY recommended as we heard people asking and they were told it would be an hour and a half wait!)



I agree 100%, it’s a sleeper but an amazing meal!!! Kinda glad it’s staying quiet, last time we were there you could still walk up with no problem. :tongue:

PS: I think it’s BETTER than Le Cellier!


We ate there 3 times on our last trip in December. It was a very good.


the family that i work for has been there several times too and just rave about it! I need to check it out some time.


Yum! This is on my list for next time…I remember Jess giving it a RAVE. And the atmosphere looked cool too! I am glad to here another review.


We ate there 2 times last year and just loved it! A hidden gem!


Along with Olivia’s at OKW, The Turf Club is one of WDW’s best-kept secrets!

Just wonderfully, tasty food!


We loved it too!!! They also have outdoor dining which would be great for a summer vacation. We went in December, and it was a VERY COLD night, so it was out of teh question for us, but I would definately go back and hopefully get to eat outside (one of my very favorite things to do).


Ohh I wish we had eaten there last trip but we have a bunch of fussy eaters in tow and the menu didnt appeal to them!


[QUOTE=llama;959235]Along with Olivia’s at OKW, The Turf Club is one of WDW’s best-kept secrets!

Just wonderfully, tasty food![/QUOTE]

Absolutely two of the best kept WDW secrets! :laugh: We VERY RARELY (actually never) repeat restaurants twice in one trip but we loved Olivia’s SO much that we went back two nights later after our first dinner there & ate it again. SOOOO good!

Turf Club & Olivia’s are like off the rails.


i’ve said it here tons of times but we LOVE The turf. We’re eating there twice this September.

Love it!


We’ve eaten at the Turf Club twice; once inside and once outside on the porch. We really liked the food, the service was good, we loved sitting on the porch.


i agree…it is very good …now please explain why a hamburger ,fries,pizza,casual meals etc etc …are truly not axailable at SSR food,gift court conflab


I am definitely going to give this one a try on my next trip!!! :happy: It won’t replace Le Cellier, of course. :cool:


It’s good for a more casual feel - not that too many places at WDW are chic-chic -but Turf Club is a great place when you just want to kick back and relax in a nice atmosphere. If you have to wait for a table, there are great comfy chairs in the Bar.


This sounds PERFECT!!! I can’t wait to give it a go. Hopefully sooner rather than later. :happy:


See, now I’m second guessing our June ADRs, we didn’t book Turf Club this trip! :laugh: We ARE going to Olivia’s though! :biggrin:


My Dh enjoys the Turf Club.This is his must due ever trip.We went last month on the counter service plan but paid op for the Turf club got to seat out side for the first time.The weather was perfect!!Dh and I both got the New York Strip top with crab meat It wasso good!!!