Turtle Talk and Backstage with the Princesses in Norway!


My Dh just called, he is a Pharmacist here in CT and he has a bunch of cutomers that adore him. They are always bringing him in baked goods and little “thank you’s”, well one of them just came in since my husband has been helping her to get these meds that her insurance was refusing coverage for. Finally, about a week or two ago, he was able to get it approved, she said that in order to thank him, she contacted her son, who works for Disney and she gave him our last name and told him where and when we were staying (I guess DH had told her all of this info for some reason) and he is waiting for us to contact him, or he will contact us. He is getting us behind the scenes time with the Princesses in Norway as well as something special to do with Turtle Talk with Crush. Dh could not remember what she said, he was totally too excited!!!

It was very sweet of her, my husband says she is one of the sweetest woman, we will have to get them both something special for thinking of our family! I just had to share because I am so excited!!!


That is so exciting! And how very kind of your dh!


That is so sweet! Both of her and your DH. Congrats! That was such a nice jesture! I cannot wait to hear about it when you get back.


:eek: That’s FANTASTIC!! All of them? HRH Mette-Marit, Märtha Louise, Astrid, Ragnhild, and little Ingrid Alexandra?


very, very silly bjørn (bear)


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


That sounds like a well-deserved, superfun treat! Enjoy yourselves, and of course tell us all about it!


Way cool for you!!!