Turtle Talk question?


We just got back from Disneyland and I have a question about Turtle Talk with Crush. My kids were totally obsessed with this show this trip. We have seen it several times at WDW and several times at Disneyland but this trip alone they must have seen it at least eight times. Every time we’ve seen it the script is pretty close, similar jokes and questions from the audience.

Well, the very last showing we saw I was totally shocked when all the sudden Dory swam onto the screen and started interacting with the audience. She was teaching the kids to speak whale. Well anyway, what I wanted to know is this something new or have I just somehow missed this all the times that I’ve been? Are there other characters that you have seen???


Nope. What you described with Dory is what we saw last month. Crush talked with our oldest son and shortly thereafter Dory started swiming in the background and everytime Crush turned around, she was gone.


Nope…as Cincy said…not new at all. The first time I got to see Turtle Talk, Dory was in it. I haven’t seen her in it since:(


Cool, it just amazes me that we’ve only seen her once in all the times we’ve seen it. I wonder how often she turns up or if there are others besides Dory.


It would be cool if there are others…but I haven’t heard of any. They could, of course, add them later:)


No, it’s new.

I watched it this past time in May (you can see my trip report) and Dory was much more interactive than she had been in the past…


Our first time with Turtle Talk at WDW in Sept. 06, there was no Dory. But in April, she was there.


Yeah, I saw Dory.

hmm… I really want to know how they can make it so interactive.


We have seen it at WDW, and sometimes Dory is there, sometimes not. I believe that somewhere there is a thread about this, and the trick is to have someone mention Dory or ask Crush if he speaks whale, and then Dory will come out. I don’t know if this is true or not.

Oh, and by the way, welcome back Redtire!!