Turtle Talk with Crush


Today I went to California Adventures and went to see Turtle Talk with Crush. Boy, was it worth it!! :wub: I was just wondering…how do they get his mouth to move with the words because nothing they say is planned?

Like when he asks people for their names and some kid would say ‘Joe’, he would go, ‘Hey, I’ll call you Jammin’ Joe!!’

And it was all so perfect… It’s like we were really talking with Crush!


This was one of our favourite things when we went to DL. DD3 (at the time) had seen the movie but this really turned Crush into a huge favourite. We left the park that day with a toy Crush and he now sleeps in her bed every night. She still calls us Dude and Dudette from time to time. And I think that Dad got just a big a thrill out of it.


Omg, that has to be the cutest thing!! :wub: :wub: :wub:


TT is so cute! Crush talked to my son and Joey will never forget it. He said “duuuuude with the blue shell”! (because my son was wearing a blue shirt) I can’t wait to see it again in oh, about 25 days!!!


duuuuude with the blue shell

I laughed out loud when I read that.


isnt is just an awesome show to see? I love it even if I am almost 18, lol :tongue:


Yeah, I loved every second of it. :wub: It was so much fun… I was sitting on one of the green lilly-pads on the floor. :laugh:


Believe it or not, I have YET to see Turtle Talk with Crush. Everytime we were in EPCOT the line was OUT OF CONTROL and I felt a little silly having no children with me. Although, DH and I have SWORN to do it this time since were staying at Boardwalk and can get to EPCOT at opening easily.

I am excited! I :heart: Crush.


How fun that you were just there! What else did you do?

I think it is one of the coolest attractions I have seen. My boys were the duuudes with the orange shells. We still call each other duuude and duuuudette at home! Good times. Good times.:happy:


I did it in January and really liked it. You don’t have to worry about going with no kids Jess, because there were a lot of adults in the back and lining the side walls. The kids are usually seated in the floor on the front.

As far as the technological questions about how it’s done, well all I can say about that is :huh: and :confused: . I just chalk it up to Disney Magic. :mickey:


This is only a guess as far as the tech question goes…the person doing Crush’s voice has a mic with a 2-3 second time delay. He speaks into the mic and the computer takes that delay time to sinc up the turtle’s mouth with the voice.

It’s an amazing attraction! My daughter asked him what his favorite color was (green of course) and my son is mesmirized by him. We have been to it 3 times now and it’s never the same.


Can’t wait to see this. Wahoooo!


I wonder if they use those sensors that they place on the actors bodies when doing special effects on a persons body, or loading movements into the computer for computer animation. You know, the ones where they look like octopuses with wires all over the place. I wonder if they have alot of them on the persons mouth to sense the formation of the words and it feeds info into the computer which then sincs it with the animated crush’s face.


I wanna see that but I have to wait until I go to WDW!I WILL see it!I L:heart:VE Crush and Squirt and the rest of the turtles from Finding Nemo and the rest of the characters, too.I just love turtles the most!


We enjoyed this show. Crush is quite a comedian. :laugh:


My Heir Apparent and I went for the first time this past February.

It was cool! :cool:

But I am not sure how they coordinate the mouth with speech, but they do it well.

Maybe you ought to do a Trip Report for the day you were up there!


I’ll be going for like 3 days in early september (ill be gone sept 5-10, Disneyguru is flying out here from FL to go with me…its his FIRST time to DLR, woo hoo!! :smile:) so I might maybe do a trip report after I get back.


The last two times we tried to see Crush at WDW the lines were outrageous. The kids wanted to see it but there was no way they were going to wait in those lines. They were very disappointed. In July when we went to DCA we walked right in no lines at all. The kids loved it. They talked about it all night. I was just wondering why the difference in lines? We were in WDW in off season and at DCA in peak season. The show is the same isn’t it?


It was down when we were there in June. I really want to see this in March


DCA is never crowded, so thats pretty much why, period. lol