Turtle Talk with Crush


I will have to make sure that we stop and see this one. Crush made Finding Nemo for me.


Can’t wait to see this show in Nov. It was not there the last time we went. My DS really wants to ask Crush a question. I hope he gets picked.


I hope he gets picked too. I was so tickled when my daughter was picked. It was such a thrill for her. Even her little brother was happy that his “sissy” got to talk to Crush.


Yes, get there at the main entrance before the part opens, and they’ll let you go past the fountain and either to the right for Soarin’ or Living Seas, or to the left for M;S or TT. You’ll follow the CMs with their rope as they don’t let anyone run ahead of them. You should either get FPs for Soarin, then go over to Turtle Talk with Cruch, then go back and use Soarin FPs. Or I think we rode Soarin, got FPs, then went right over to Crush. The line wasn’t too bad. I think we had to wait for 2 shows to get over, so that was about 30 minutes. By the time we got out the line winded around the lobby and almost out the front door. Then we went to use our FPs at Soarin.

It’s a realy cool interactive show. The Imagineers behind the screen can see you, but you can’t see them. Everything is computer animated and synced with their voices. Have fun!!!


What an awesome experience it is for the kiddos to talk to Crush… And it is so neat how they pull this off on a tecnical side… :cool:


That was my guess as well. However it’s done, it’s sure fun to see.