Tusker House Character Breakfast


Has anyone done this? I tried to get a resi yesterday, but nothing for the entire 10 days we are there!!! I heard that is the only place in the “World” were you get Daisy Duck! Now I am so disapointed! Of course I will continue to try, but wow, booked all 10 days!


I’ve been interested in this location but reviews that I’ve read tend to make me want to wait. I’m interested to see what people have to say, too.


I absolutely LOVE this character breakfast. It is much calmer than Chef Mickey’s, but same concept. The food is DELICIOUS and the characters are great. The place is HUGE and there are a couple of dining rooms. I have been trying to get in there as well for my upcoming trip, with no luck. Last trip, no luck as well in regards to getting a ADR. We tried in June to just walk up to be seated (we are optimists) and of course- NOTHING!!!

Obviuosly, it’s that good!! Keep trying to get an ADR!! If not, maybe you will have luck just walking up. It’s also a great place to go to get into the park early to do EE and the Safari ride first thing.


We got our ADRs for our 1st week of December trip but I called as soon as I possibly could because I was trying to get into CRT also. Atleast I got 1. I can’t wait to eat there because I’ve only heard good reviews. Keep trying, I got off our waitlist th last day it was effective!


Daisy Duck? I don’t remember her being there… the usual gang is Donald Duck (a rare character dining find), Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, and Pluto. It’s a fun breakfast. Don’t give up hope. Keep trying. It’s easier to get in with really late dining times. Try different days of the week, and if it’s the most important meal, book other adrs around it. Good luck!


booking later is a great suggestion.

we were able to get our ADR for 10:05 in Dec.

we plan to do the safari before we eat and by having a later breakfast we can skip lunch and use our cs credits for diner.

don’t give up…keep trying, maybe you will get lucky!


Totally amazing character breakfast!!! I do not know if it is the only place to see Daisy Duck, but we saw Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Pluto. It was our first every character dining and they each spent lots of time with us.

I would call back every day to check for an opening. Food is great too. Their juice is amazing!!! A hidden bonus is when you are done, you right next to Kilimanjaro Safari.


We met Daisy in Mickey’s tent in Toon Town.

We tried and tried to get ADRs, as well, but finally had to call DVC Member Services and they got us in. Try that route if you’re DVC. This will be our first trip with DVC, and we are amazed at how much “membership has its priviledges.”


I was able to gte in for Jan 1st. I hope Daisy is there because that the only reason the kids wanted to try it.


In Dec 2006 we hung with Daisy just across from city hall in MK for like 5-10 minutes. It was first thing in the morning and there was like no one there. She was dancing around my daughter making gestures about how beautiful her princess dress was. We got like a dozen pics. I’ve heard Daisy is around Mickeys Toontown also, but not regularly.

We also tried for Tusker House for next month, but alas we also fell short!


We did this breakfast in August and I would have to say that it was one of the better breakfast buffets. The food was good (good selection and always replenished so it was hot). The characters were good but I felt they were a little rushed but it could be because it was very busy when we were there. I would say this is a good way to start the day. We had a 9:10 ADR and before we went in DH ran over to Expedition Everest to get fast passes. As soon as breakfast was done we went on the safari and then to everest.


I have been doing a lot of scrap booking lately and I came across a pic of us with Daisy. It was in Animal Kingdom but was so many years ago. They didn’t have the Tusker House then so maybe she moved from that location to TH. I’m pretty sure it was in the Mickey Camp area.


Do you mean this is the only restaurant that has Daisy? Because we have pics of DD with her at the MK.

I have not had the breakfast there and have been trying to get in for our upcoming trip with no luck. I just went ahead and booked Rainforest Cafe for BF and hope to find Donald walking around the park - have to get a pic with him in his safari clothes!


[QUOTE=tea;881300]Do you mean this is the only restaurant that has Daisy? Because we have pics of DD with her at the MK.


yes, this is what was meant in that post…i too have seen Daisy in MK.


SO, this answers my question… this is the new breakfast which replaces Breakfastosaurus in Restaurantosaurus—
that is the one my DH didn’t like at all!

This looks so much nicer!

I want to try to get ADR’s now too!



I’m sorry you couldn’t get an ADR. It sounds nice and I was lucky enought to be able to get one. We will be trying it on Dec. 2nd. Just keep trying to call. Maybe something will open up.