Tusker House Character Breakfast


I have booked this for our first morning in the parks. This is a newbie for our family. How is it? What characters are there besides Donald?


We LOVED Tusker House when we were there this summer. I can’t remember all the characters, but I know that this is one of the few times you can see Daisy Duck.

We thought that the breakfast we had was awesome! My little girl also really enjoyed the little marching parade they have through the restaurant. The CMs were really happy and they handed out little tambourines for the kids to march with.

I would Definitely go back!


I have only gone at lunch but LOVED the food and service.


It was fun. Definitely a lot more room than the previous breakfast at Donald’s Breakfastosaurus. My boys are older so they did not get in on the parade but it really looked cute.

Characters were Donald, Minnie, Mickey & Pluto. I can’t remember if Daisy was there or not. DH said Daisy was.

Best part was we finished in time to be one of the first to line up for the rope drop for the safari:)


I just noticed your countdown, Babets…You are almost there!


We did Tusker House for Breakfast in 2009 and we loved it. We visited with Donald, Daisy, Mickey and Goofy…I think Minnie was there too, but I can’t recall for sure.
Great food, fun characters and a bit of extra entertainment too! Enjoy!


Thanks everyone! I just LOVE the classic characters. To me that is what Disney is, prob stemming from childhood memories :slight_smile:


Shhhhhhhhh! Keep it quiet! This is the one we book every year and no one is ever there. We love Tusker House. The food is great, the people are super nice, and it is a hidden out of the way gem. Great buffet! Good luck, you will like this one.


It’s the one he books every year and the one that has been virtually impossible to book but for one time for me.


It is so strange how some you can get and some you can’t, depending on the time of year. We still haven’t been able to get Le Cellier at the time we want.


We also love Tusker House. I think it was my favorite of the Breakfast Buffets that we did. The character interaction was great. My DD and I even missed Donald when she had to go to the bathroom, but when he saw us walking back to the table to join DH and DS he came back over and we got some amazing pics !!!


We are doing this one for the first time. It’s just my boyfreind and I. How loud is this? We have a 9:15 am ressy.



Its loud, but fun! If you want a quiet, peaceful meal I wouldn’t do this one:wink:


It is worth it… I would go without kids. I would go with kids too. I think it is only loud for a few minutes at a time…(parade time)… The food was good…


I love the Tusker House Breakfast! I don’t think it’s any louder than any of the other character breakfast, but the food and atmosphere are really good!
I make sure I get reservations every time we are in WDW. My DH and I go even if my DH grandkids aren’t with us. It’s just so much fun.


[QUOTE=Eponine;1049961]We are doing this one for the first time. It’s just my boyfreind and I. How loud is this? We have a 9:15 am ressy.

A quiet character buffet?:laugh:


L-O-U-D is a good word for it. Honestly, I agree with SG, there is NO such thing as a quiet character buffet. This one and 1900 Park Faire are tied for L-O-U-D. If only this one had the Mad Hatter it would certainly win, but the concrete floor and echoing loud interior contribute to the sound.


There’s nothing louder than my good friend The Mad Hatter.
(Yes, he is a friend. I’ve even gotten him a hair’s breadth within breaking character a couple times)
He’s a tireless entertainer!


It has great character interaction. The food is ok, and there is a lot of it. The service was great, always refilling the jungle juice they mix special.


I did the Garden Grill and Ohana Breakfast last year and found those “on the quiet” side compared to Chef Mickey’s (which is insane).

We’ll try Tusker and see what happens!! Thanks