Tusker House Lunch


I’m interested in hearing opinions on TH’s lunch buffet.

We need somewhere to eat lunch while at AK and I’m trying to steer clear of Rainforest or McDonald’s food. Yak and Yeti didn’t really appeal to us either.

Thanks in advance.


DH and I ate there last August. The food was filling, but I am not too adventurous of an eater, so some of it just didn’t appeal to me. There are a lot of cold options there. But, we really enjoyed the food and our server was absolutely hilarious! I simply adored him, and will ask for him every time we go back. His name is Neil, and he’s from New York. Tall, bald head, LOVED him! I remember him more than I remember the food. I wonder what that says…


We ate there last trip. DH LOVED it but is an adventurous eater and loves to try new foods. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the food and I love to try new foods. DS wasn’t too adventurous that day so it wasn’t the best choice for him, but what he did choose, he liked. We just didn’t get our money’s worth for him. He really liked the atmosphere, though! The service was poor but we’d go there again anyway. :happy: