Tusker House Lunch


Is the Tusker House only open for lunch during peak seasons? I ask because I went to make reservations today and they show no availability over the lunch hour in the first week of February. I am sure they did not book up that fast.

I’m getting the same thing with Le Cellier. I can get any time I want for supper but lunch is not available. Every other location I went for had the exact time I wanted. Really weird.


Not sure about Tusker House but Lecellier is very popular at lunch because it’s only one credit right now, dinner is two credits. Lunch fills up very quickly, probably right at the 180 day mark but the higher cost of dinner seems to be keeping some people away. I think lunch is going up to two credits soon but I don’t pay a lot of attention to dining plan news since we don’t use it.


I have always wondered about Tusker House… we used to hit it for breakfast when it was a CS place, serving amazing cinnamon rolls from stovetop fry pans. They were awesome. Then it went to the TS strategy, and the price was SO HIGH! We were looking for food last trip, and we passed it by when we saw the prices posted by the door. Byt the way, this was a spring break weekend, yet there was walk-in availability, so you may want to stroll on in if you don’t get that ressie, cubsblue.


Tusker house is now available for lunch all the time. I just had someone come back that I scheduled that for and they loved it. Said the service and character interaction was fabulous.


We have had Tusker for lunch a few times, but they never had characters. Have they added characters for lunch now?


Since we usually spend only a half day or so at AK, we have never eaten at a sit down there. Tusker House sounds good—might have to try it.


Now that Tusker is character meals for all meals, it may have booked up fast for lunch. Because many people don’t want to get up early for breakfast and most people aren’t in that park all day for a dinner. Just a theory.


I had suggested this character meal for a friend. They had a limited time in the parks so I figured lunch there would kill two birds with one stone. Unforturnately, they were not big on the African cuisine.

I have never been to the restaurant but reviews seemed fantastic. Just beware if you are not adventurous with food. This place may not be what your looking for.


There is an ample supply of non-African cuisine there, at least during lunch. We found something for everyone and I have two picky eaters.


Check out Yak and Yeti, it is asian cuisine and we have had great food there a couple of times! For americanized asian, it is pretty good.


I thought I read that they had a special kid’s buffet area with non-African cuisine but I guess it wasn’t “special” enough since they had two other character meals that week.


I think certain restaurants don’t “open up” for reservations as fast as others. It happened to me once when I was trying to make reservations for Planet Hollywood. I had made all my other ADR’s with no problem but for any time in the evening Planet Hollywood was saying “no availability” They did eventually open I and I got a reservation no problem.


That is exactly what happened. Tusker House opened up today! It is one of our favorites and I like to go during the transition from breakfast to lunch. That way I get a Krispy Kreme and some top sirloin.


It looks like they have.
All Ears shows characters at lunch as well as breakfast now.


They have had a character lunch for quite a while. They were there last year in March. Like I said we really enjoy the food. When I made the reservation for last spring we they did not have it down as a character meal. They added that around December of 2011 or January of 2012 if I remember correctly.