Tusker House - maybe just a bad day?


We tried Tusker House for dinner over our Thanksgiving trip. I know reviews and opinions always fall into the “YMMV” category, but we were disappointed.

The food was decent, but this certainly wasn’t Boma either.

Our view of service for a buffet is: 1) clear plates 2) keep our drinks filled 3) bring our check in a reasonable time. We missed on all accounts. The server was ssssslllooowwww and the dirty plates were cleared by other wait staff. When he did bring the check, he made the mistake of providing a big explanation of the gratuity process. :dry:

So O Great MouseBuzz masses…

Did we just catch them on a bad night? Our inclination is to stick with FlameTree BBQ for all future AK dining.


I have never eaten there but I feel your pain. We had that problem last year at Beach Club. But tell me, what did you want him to explain about the tipping?


We have only eaten there for breakfast and we have never had a problem. I love it there!


We did breakfast there and I wasn’t impressed.


That totally stinks. I get so upset when we have a bad meal at Disney! I know everyone has bad days BUT when you spend hours upon hours planing and planning it just hard to overlook certain bad things.
We had a not so great time a Tony’s in March. The food took for ever and a day! I think the waiter forgot to enter it into the computer or something. :huh: But what can you really do?


I didn’t want him to explain anything. It seemed presumptuous to tell me how I should tip him, especially given the poor service. It was the first time we left less than 20% (and we left only half that).

I know folks have good and bad days - just curious if it was a trend there.

We will stick with Boma for our taste of Africa. :pirate:


Wow … Sorry to hear about your experience. We did breakfast there last May and just loved it. We had heard about awful service and other problems, but we were lucky enough to enjoy the food and service …plus the characters spent a ton of time at the table with our DD.
Again, sorry to hear that…


I was there this time last year. We waited 45minutes past our reservation time because the “computers just went down” we were hungry and cranky, but once we got inside everyone enjoyed the buffet. We are going again in May