Tusker House or Ohana's for Breakfast?


Which would you choose to take a 6 & 9 year old to? I’m sure both have great food. I’m trying to gets reviews and opinions on these two restaurants for breakfast. So which would you choose?:huh::mickey:


My vote is for an early breakfast at the Tusker House. The food is great, the characters are great, and you get to be in the park early!


I’d second the vote for Tusker House.
It’s inside the park and it’s a buffet.
I’d really like to breakfast (yes, that is grammatically correct) with Stitch, but it’s a family style service and a fixed menu, so choices aren’t as great as Donald’s Safari Breakfast.
If you do decide on Tusker House, you’ll need to hustle to make your reservation because it’s very popular. In fact it’s more popular that Breakfastosaurus which it replaced.