Tusker House!


We did the Donald Breakfast at Tusker this morning… and it was wonderful!!! We had heard some rough things about pushy servers and the characters running thru. It was just the opposite. Our server was top notch and every character spent alot of time with my daughter… The food was typical breakfast menu… The Juice is amazing!!! We left straight from there and jumped on the safari “Bus” (Our Daughter calls it that). Then off to the Lion King Show!!! Great Morning… now off to Epcot for a late one!:laugh:


ohhhhhh, I am so jealous. I could have easily fit in a breakfast at the Tusker House and then the Lion King Show.
Have fun!!!


thanks for the reviews of Tusker House. I was just looking at the menu wondering if we should try.


Oh I am soooo Glad that you enjoyed it. And thank you for the review as of now I have is scheduled for an ADR hope we can get one.


YEAH, so glad to hear it! We tried to get in last year, but couldn’t - this year we have it as our only Character Breakfast! Thanks for the review - got an pictures? Have a great day.


This sounds like you read my review from last year, at least as far as the characters.
I did note that we were eating at 10:30 and that being close to switch over time and quitting time for the characters that they might have been running on empty, although they did spend much more time with the family with kids seated across from us.
I didn’t have any comment on the servers, one way or the other as I recall.
However, my biggest complaint was reserved for the lack of omelets and eggs to order from the kitchen as opposed to Donald’s Breakfastosaurus.

I am glad you enjoyed it, and also that you were able to get a reservation, as the new Donald’s breakfast is much harder to get reservations for than the old one.


Tusker House is an amazing breakfast! They have the (2nd!) best breakfast potatoes at WDW! And I agree about the juice! The breakfast is so full of energy and the characters always seem to hang around the table for ages, regardless of party size!


Again, not in my experience and certainly not when compared to CP and 1900.
The key being “in my experience”.
As always, your mileage will vary.


When we were there in February, we really enjoyed the food and characters. The characters didn’t spend a long time with us, but then again we didn’t have little ones with us either.

We enjoyed it so much, its on our list to do again next month!:happy:


This is a must do for us, I hope I get a resi. We wanted to do it last time, but when DD got sick we had to cancel! So glad to hear you loved it!


Great Breakfast !!!


I ate like a Pirate !!! Argggggggh…

No matter how many times we hit Main Street , we have to hit the shops for hat pix !!!


[QUOTE=WALL;958275]I ate like a Pirate !!! Argggggggh…

No matter how many times we hit Main Street , we have to hit the shops for hat pix !!![/QUOTE]

You look just like a pirate! My daughter and I always have to do the same thing. IMO they are the best pics we have…:laugh:


I am so happy to hear you had a good bk there. We have adrs for july and i am really excited to go. Great pic too! Your dh looks like he is having a blast


Thanks for the review, it made our list of possibilities, but hadn’t commited since we didn’t know what it was like…


Another “thumbs-up” for Tusker House!
We did it in April for the first time and we loved it!! We had one of the later breakfast ressies, and our waiters were so great, they took a lot of extra time to help us and talk to us, and when most of our room had cleared out, a CM came around to find out which characters we had yet to see (just Mickey at that point) and she made sure Mickey came around and we got an almost private meet with him. He hung around for pics quite a while…it was great.

Oh…the juice was so good DD2 kept asking for it everyday for the rest of the trip!!