Tusker House


Ok, first I must vent that I really thought I could start making my ADRs tomorrow since its the 6 month mark. Nonoo…the 24th. I am one antsy lady right now lol.

Second. Questions about Tusker House (I got the name right woooo)

Is it awesome?
Good for kids?
How early can you get a reservation?

My dh wants this trip to be all about his son. So we are catering to a 6 year old. Will this help do the trick??


We’ve done the breakfast at Tusker House several times and are booked again for June. We really enjoy it! I would definetly try to get the earliest ADR of the day. We always do and we are seated early and get thru the buffet line before it gets hectic. A 6 year old will LOVE it. The characters are great!


I have not been to Tusker, but want to comment on your concern about catering to a younger visitor.
One trick I realized after our first trip w/ the kids was to expect that our youngest needed time to just go as she wanted to. She was bored trying to keep up with her older siblings.
Now, we hit everything the older 2 wanted to hit, but also realized that one of us might miss out on an adult ride and would have to catch it later while she ‘had to get’ a certain autograph, our just take her time exploring. We learned to guide the kids on what was available to do in a certain park, while making sure we could also get in as many of our adult must do attractions. It worked for the best.
If he knows about the trip, get him involved. One thing you could do is go on the Disney site and order the maps that you can custom design as you plan your trip. He can get an idea just what mom and dad are getting him into.:laugh: You could also put him on the Allears.net site and have him look through the attraction list for each park and let him pick out and write down 2-3 must do’s for himself. That way he can feel he has some ownership in your great adventure.
I still remember that watching the youngest stomp through the splash area’s at DTD or Epcot was the best thing in the world for a family break. Big sister and brother would just roll their eyes and get a good laugh out of her being lost in the moment.


Awesom! Thanks! Any other suggestions? Since we are staying at Wilderness Lodge I was thinking the Mickeys Backyard BBQ


Yeah its kind of tough to get him involved. He lives in Pennsacola and won’t. Be here till June. I will wait to order the maps with him. He def knows about the trip tho. Its a christmas present from this past year. Originally supposed to be in July but it would have made no sense. I can’t et off work and the heat and crowds would have killed me. Not to mention we got a deluxe resort for almost $1000 less than what it would have cost us for a moderate in July! He was dissapointed but I think **** be ok soon! Thanks for the advice. (Forgot to mention we are also going with friends who have a 6 year old and by that time a 6 month old)


My family loves Tusker House for the breakfast buffet. They have a wonderful assortment of food, including biscuits and gravy, eggs, meats, pastries, etc. They have a wonderful, sweet juice (I can’t remember what kind, just that our family enjoyed it) as well as other typical breakfast beverages. My kids loved the waffles when they were small, and my son got a plate of hard boiled eggs this year because that’s his new thing.

The characters were really fun to interact with and at some point during your dining time, they gather the kids together, hand out instruments, and the children march around the restaurants with the characters during a song and little parade. SO much fun! Definitely recommend :slight_smile:


With that many adults you will have plenty of options for swtch off duties. We never traveled with freinds when the kids were younger, but looking back now it would have been nice to switch kid watching for just 1 night to ourselves for a nice dinner and late return.


I think the best advice I can give is to not overwhelm him. I know as adults we want kids to be totally blown away with WDW. Sometimes it doesn’t work like that. Sometimes it’s just too much for a 6 year old to take in. They balk - adults get annoyed. Go slow. Let him get adjusted. I promise you, your actual trip will not be the same one you are planning in your head, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be just as wonderful. Just relax and enjoy.


We’ve enjoyed Tusker. If you book a late lunch around 1:00pm it will give you a priority seating for the 3:00 Nemo show which always fills up during busy times since it’s a nice time of day to sit and take a break from the heat. Only downfall is lunch doesn’t have characters, but the food is still good.


We have breakfast at Tusker House eery trip. We love the Jumba Juice, and the buffet is good and a little different from the other breakfast buffets. We try and get a reservation before the park onpens or just as the park is opening. You might also want to try and get a reservation for the Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom for breakfast on the day you are there. They have all the Winnie the Pooh characters. It’s a lot of fun and the food is very good also.

As Llama has said take your time. It’s very easy to over plan a vacation at WDW. There are soooo many things to do and see, but you sort of need to be realistic about how much you can see and do especially with 2 6 year olds and a baby. The best times we’ve had at the world is when we stopped to smell the roses. Pick a couple of must does, and the rest of the time, just go with the flow…take time to hang at the resort and play in the pool.


Tusker House isn’t our personal favorite ADR, but it might be good for boys since it’s safari-themed. The food is alright, and while there are some ‘exotic’ options, there’s plenty of American cuisine for picky eaters.

We like Chef Mickey’s. The food is really good, and they also have all of the classic characters. Plus, the monorail above makes it a really unique location.

Another good option is Garden Grill - this one is cool because it’s a rotating restaurant. However, there are only characters at dinner.

And then as mentioned above, Crystal Palace is a good option. We like to book CP before the park opens so that we can go ahead inside Magic Kingdom and get good castle photos. I’m not sure how popular Pooh and friends are (I know they have a Disney Junior show… or did have at some point) - my sister and I grew up with their VHS tapes. :laugh:

Has your son eaten at a Rainforest Cafe? There is a T-Rex Cafe in Downtown Disney that is awesome for little boys. If you want pics, you can check out my current trip report - I took lots of photos!


We definately want to keep all the restaurants on th DP. We have deluxe so we have a good range. I have a feeling the charachter breakfasts will be Tusker House, Ohana, and Crystal Palace. We are hitting Chef Mickeys the night we get there for my friends son birthday since its the day before we arrive. Going to hit Whispering Canyon as well. Ill look into Garden Grill too. Thanks!


We took the kids and family to the Tuskerhouse 2 years ago for lunch with the Nemo show to follow. Had a wonderful time, and really enjoyed the food. We are booking another lunch there this october, and I think it’s been changed to a character lunch now so the kids will love it even more.


We love TH. The earliest time that you can get an ADR is 8 am, and those times fill up quickly…it is fun for little kids- mickey comes to see you there… Have fun planning
You really cannot make a huge mistake. The restaurants are all pretty decent- there are some better than others, and for the most part good… Remember the place is built for kids and families. Have fun!


We had dinner at TH last year got a adr for 30 min after park closed. In my opinion it was not nice with very poor choice. so this year we have decided to wait until the park closes and take the bus to AK and eat at boma the kids love it. :wub:


We ate there for lunch last year and I didn’t realize it. I enjoyed it, my mister did not. But he wants it all to be about the kids…so guess what! Lol thanks for all the input, breakfast will def. Be booked! =)


Disney Fan- Rainforest and T-Rex are now on the dining plan. T-Rex is great for boys. My 8 year old loves it!


T-Rex is great! I’m glad it’s now on the DDP.


I finally got a breakfast reservation 3 years ago and I don’t think it was worth it.
The characters avoided us and the food wasn’t that great, plus I could not get an omelet or eggs made to order as I can at the other breakfast buffets.
That said, I am willing to give them one more chance, but it isn’t important.


T rex is!? Omg! Yay