Tutto Italia- closed 1/8/2012-4/1/2012




Casey’s Corner in the Magic Kingdom will be closed for refurbishment August 30 through September 14.



Tutto Italia has been threatening to do a full make over ever since they’ve opened with largely the same decor as Alfredo’s did before the change.


Haven’t been in there since the old Alfredo days.
I do like the outdoor pizza “window” though. Inside pizza place is good too.
The “window” has been closed since around Easter I think. Not sure if it will reopen??


Not happy, that is- If I get to go on March… Otherwise- Improve away… until I get there…


>>Not happy, that is- If I get to go on March<<
Not happy that Tutto Italia is closed?? or that the pizza window is closed.
Have you tried Il Mulino’s at the Swan. We love it.