Tutto Italia in Epcot


My sis and I were going over our menus for our trip. Originally, for our last full day, we had planned Rose & Crown for dinner. Looking at the menu, there’s nothing there that either of us or our picky kids would eat.

We checked out the menu for Tutto Italia. I was very surprised to see that not only is it on the DDP, but it’s only 1 credit. The price of the family dinner is $60 PER PERSON! I called tonight and snagged the perfect ADR time for the 12 of us seated together (guess it’s not very popular yet!!)

My question…I haven’t heard much about it. Only one negative comment found after a quick search here on mousebuzz. Was wondering if anyone else has tried it or heard anything about it. I even check allears.net and there’s not even a section for reviews for it yet.

I still have my ADR for R&C and still a bit of time to find another place for dinner in Epcot that night, but this looks like a good fit for our picky eaters.


There is a section at Allears for Tutto Italia. It’s on the second page of the Epcot restaurant reviews. Go to the bottom of the first page and you’ll see the link to the second. Or go here:

AllEarsNet.COM Review Page - Tutto Italia Restaurant - Italy - Powered by ReviewPost


I don’t know Jen, I just checked out Allears
and it looks to be a close call either way. I
never have liked Disney’s versions of Italian
foods:ohmy: My two favorites now are Mangino’s
at SOG, but nobody listens to me on this one:happy:
Il Mulino at the Swan IMHO is very good food.
And they have family style there too if thats
what you want, but even if you have four courses
its still in the same ballpark as Tutto’s. I can’t
wait to be there again in April!:laugh:


When Daniel and I were there during Thanksgiving we wanted to try it but never got a chance. I’d honestly give it a try, what’s the worst that could happen? Ehh, if it’s not the best then don’t go again. Ya never know, it could be something your family really enjoys. :smile: 1900 Park Faire’s food often gets terrible reviews & when we ate there it was one of the best meals of our trip. I think any seasoned Disney veteran should try all restaurants ONCE, right?

Let us know what you decide. :smile:


ok, I admit it was late…LOL Thanks, zefyr, I didn’t see the second page!!!


Franco, I can’t seem to find any info on Mangino’s in any of the books we have. Is it open to the public?


oh - we loved it!!! we were there the 1st week they were open - it was fantastic! i have food pics - let me go resize and i’ll post them. (should have done it already, sorry guys)


1st they bring you breads, veggies and dips for them - ok, so that’s the hoosier way of saying…

DH had “Polpettini Agro-Dolce - meatballs with sweet and sour tomato sauce $14”

I had “Fresh Mozzarella - vine ripened tomatoes, basil and Tuscan olive oil $15”

the girls both got “Mozzarella Sticks $6.00”

they could have easily just eaten the mozzarella sticks and been finished. they were REAL - not the kind my girls are used to getting. YUM!!

DH loved his meatballs, I tried them, and while I am not a meatball fan, they were good.

My mozz/tomato stack was fabulous!!


If the menu is more what your family would enjoy, then go for it. I didn’t care for rose and crown…food, service and setting was not for me…ever again.


for main course - the girls both had “Spaghetti - with meatballs and parmesan $9.50” - one DD loved meatballs, the other doesn’t so, here is a pic with all the meatballs, and one with none. look at how big that plate is!! they both ate more than I thought they would considering they had all those cheese sticks! they really liked it!

DH had “Bucattini Pasta with Italian prosciutto ham, peas and parmesan cheese $26” - it was fantastic!! really, really good!!:wub:

and i had “Ligurian Trofie Pasta - with basil-pinenut pesto and fagiolini green beans $25”. WOW. it was amazingly delicious! I can’t tell you how much i enjoyed this dish!:wub: :wub: :wub:


and then there was dessert! the girls both had “Italian Gelato Sundae - Chocolate sauce and banana $5.00” - it was good. nothing compared to DH"s though!

I had “Gianduja - Chocolate Torta - chocolate and hazelnut torte with whipped cream and raspberry sauce $10.00” - it was ok, not my favorite dessert of the trip, but i managed to eat it! :ph34r:

DH had the best, i mean best dessert of all!! “Copetta Sotto Bosco - berries, zabaglione cream gelato and chocolate sauce $14.00”. We try to not get the same things, so we can share and try more stuff. I would make sure we both got this next time. maybe even go there just for this. wow!:wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

and if that’s not enough reason to go…CUTE SERVERS!!!:ph34r: (ignore me in the pic, please -its a terrible picture of me. it was our last night there, and i was tired, sunburned, and just about ready to go home. almost.)


I don’t think just because your a seasoned Disney
veteran you should try all the restaurants just
because they are there. Maybe I am a little leary
of some of Disney’s restaurants or little spoiled
with some of the “other” restaurants. I know for
a fact that I do not need Akershus, nothing on
the menu even comes close to my taste, so why
should I try it? Marrakesh,Mama Melrose, Brown
Derby none of them intrest ME, I should go just
for the reason of going? These places may be high
on other peoples list and that is great, but not
for ME. Never mind the cost of doing so. I bet
there are LOTS of people/families that have pegged
thier favorites and that is that no "lets give this
place a try, they know exactly what they want.
There are a million different ways for folks to enjoy
“thier” restaurants at this point in time we enjoy
“our” places the same way, but it is not because
that they are there. If something “new” comes along
and I see some of our fine folks here trying it I might
give it a try if the menu interest me. I might have a
thing about Disney’s Italian because of not so good
meals in the past, but that is good for folks who want
to go to them a little smaller line. Hey, its all apples
and oranges, go where you want, not just because
its there.


Yes Smee57, its open to the public and
Allears has thier menu. Other restaurants
at SOG IMHO are a little iffy. But if you
think about it, with all the different types
of military that use SOG, it really is for
young military families who have a budget
so looking at it in that light they are just


Hey I think you should try it and let us know, lol. I would def do it before R & C only because we are picky eaters too.


I can tell you that some of my friends went there during Mousefest. I think the only complaint was the price. So if you can get the meal on the DP, then go for it!


Thanks everyone!! Sarah, those pictures are AWESOME!!!

I read the reviews on allears.nets (now that I found them :ph34r: ) and they are so conflicting ~ people either LOVED it or HATED it! But since emamasa is one of our own, we’ll try it out 'cause she liked it!!!

I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures!!!


unless it has changed a ton since opening week, you’ll love it! i am going to add it to our list of must do’s - even if we aren’t on the DDP next time (ouch, that’ll hurt though).

i would never have gotten what i did, but it just kinda jumped out at me. i am so glad i tried it - it was wonderful and different! DH’s dessert was the best - be sure someone gets it!!


Franco, I didn’t know the SOG restaurants were open to the general public.:huh:

I am anxious to try the new one at Epcot - anything has to be an improvement over Alfredo’s.

*OOPS - just read your reply to Smee, Franco. “Never mind”.

My gosh- those look like HUGE portions. The child’s portion looks too big for me!


yes, they were huge portions. that’s why i put that pic of DD in there - just so you can see size. wow. it was way too much for them, especially with that huge order of mozz sticks each, and dessert - ha! if we didn’t have ddp, they could get a mozz stick and one spaghetti and share.

only thing i couldn’t share would be DH’s dessert. mmmmmmm


Wow, does that food look great! The prices are similar to what we have here in the NYC area!!! But the dishes look terrific!