Tutto Italia or Via Napoli?


We are headed to WDW in May, and are determined to eat every sit down at a new restaurant every night. My husband wants to try a place in Italy in the World Showcase at EPCOT. Haven’t been since I was a child, and everything is different. Please help!!!

Allears gives Tutto a better rating, but I like the menu better at Via Napoli? Would love some feedback!


I was never impressed with either of our times @ Tutto. I expected a higher level of food prepertion and presentation.

Via is pushing traditional style Neopolitan pizza and associated fare. We will try Via on our next trip, but unless there is a new chef de cuisine or menu overhaul at Tutto we will skip it. Not worth the price difference.


I’ve never eaten at Tutto, but Via Napoli is incredible! I highly recommend it!


I agree with Rich, we’ve never been impressed with Tutto.
We just ate at Napoli and we liked it. We started with a family style salad. My DH and I both had chicken parm, it was yummy, but I was a little bummed it came with roasted potatoes, not pasta. We added a side of spaghetti and split it. Our DD-9 had pizza it was also yummy. The large rectangle pizza looked amazing. The pizza will definitely be on our “must eat list” next time.
Oh a heads up…it’s a bit loud in Via Napoli.


Can anyone tell me how the pizza works at Via Napoli in terms of dining plan credits?


You have to get one of the “specialty” pizza’s. If you want to add toppings it’s extra moola!
We had dinner and it was a Table Service.


[QUOTE=tinker2222;1069842]You have to get one of the “specialty” pizza’s. If you want to add toppings it’s extra moola!
We had dinner and it was a Table Service.[/QUOTE]

So one pizza was one table service? or a table service for each in your party?


haven’t been to Tutto since the week it opened (wow, doesn’t seem that long ago, but it was) - it was great then! we really enjoyed it. I haven’t heard such great things since though…

Via Napoli is on my list of “wanna try it”'s so i’d vote for it!


I’ve never used the dining plan, only “Tables in Wonderland” so I have no clue about the credits…

But I can tell you that Via Napoli, hands down, is the best choice of the two.

Coming from an Italian family where a majority of my family members each own some form of an Italian Restaurant (mainly northern italian cuisine w/similar dishes to what’s listed on the Tutto menu) or two, I can tell you, Tutto’s price, quality and taste is subpar compared to all of the other restaurants in WDW. It’s 5 star quality pricing with Olive Garden taste…

Now Via Napoli is fantastico… The decor, food, pricing, etc… It’s all good. Give it a shot.


I’ve always liked Tutto Italia and felt it was a lot better than Alfredo’s.
We had dinner at Via Napoli in December and liked it as well.
I’d say choose the menu that looks like what you’re going to want that night.


DW and I at Via Saturday night. She had the pizza and was not all that impressed. I sampled it and I thought it was ok but not the best I’ve ever had. I had the chicken parm and it was very good.

I think Tutto Italia will be first choice but then that brings up the whole Epcot fountain tutu thing and suddenly I’ve lost my appetite. :blow: :laugh: