Tutto Italia Review?


Now that the new Italian restaurant in Epcot has been open for a while and we are considering it for an ADR, what is the the Buzzers opinion on the place? Please advise as to service, food, and whatever you think. Thanks


dw and i enjoy it immensely. it reminds us of what alfredos USED to be. definitely go there is you have the chance


We ate there last year and it was great. The food was excellent as was the service.


We were there in Feb 07. The service was excellent, The atmosphire was perfect, The food was so-so. Would I go back? Of course I would. I have been to alot of resturants where I may not have had as great a meal as the time before.


I ate there for lunch this past summer and did not enjoy it at all. The service was less than great, the wait staff seemed snooty, and I did not enjoy my food at all. Not to mention, the prices were rather outrageous for the quality ($3 for a soft drink, $10 kids’ meal entrees… I believe the least expensive thing on the adult menu was a $14 salad). However, if you’re on the dining plan, it’s only one credit, so this is really a bargain.

I miss the “old” Alfredo’s.


A little bump. Thanks for the reviews, buzzers!


Another bump. We are are arguing er, discussing, our options for the Tree House Bash.


We were there in May and thoroughly enjoyed dinner. The boys wanted to go back again, but ADR’s were set. Will definitely do it again.

Our ADR was for 4:30 and we walked right in.


We went in May of 2007, so I think it was Alfredo’s back then. Back then it was phenomenal, so if Tutto is anything like Alfredo’s, it’ll be great.


We went in July 08. It was fantastic! Though I nearly fell over at the prices. Amen Disney Dining! I had Sachetti and for dessert I had Profiteroles it was fantastic, the wait staff was great, and we got in right away. I did feel a bit awkward all sweaty and etc, but hey there were a lot more people like me. If we don’t find a different place to eat in Epcot, then this is where we’re going. We’re Italian and some stuff brings back memories of dh’s g-ma. Good Luck and have fun.


I went last week- and it was DELICIOUS!!! We ALL Loved it, there were 6 of us,and we said it was one of our favorite meals!!!


I ate there Sept. 08 and thought the meal and service was excellent. I also agree though, if not on the Disney Dining plan, this place would not be on my ADR list.


Can anyone compare it to Il Mulino’s in the Swan???


We ate there for the second time last week. It was very delicious. As a matter of fact, all three of my kids voted it their favorite meal of the trip.


And the service was very prompt. Those waiters and waitresses were hopping. Looked like the mob was standing in the corner watching them, though. It was interesting.


lol hanwill, glad it wasn’t just me. I kept waiting to hear the Godfather theme lol.