Tutto Italia


Why is the price of this so high? It is pasta…:confused:


LOL!! I thought the same thing, but we’ve been to Carmine’s on Broadway in NYC and their pricing is about the same so I’m not surprised, really.


I don’t mind paying in upwards of 40.00 per person but 60.00 is out of the question. If I was on the DP I might consider going there. But I think I would prefer to stick with le Cellier or even paris for that matter.


I don’t even know if Tutto Italia participates in the DDP.


It does. We have an ADR there for Feb. 9th and I confirmed that it is on the DDP before I made the ADR.


Oh, OK! Cool Beans! I thought I read a while ago that it wasn’t going to participate. MY BAD! :ninja:


When they do free dining in September I will try it LOL


Has anyone tried it yet to see if its worth it.


i posted pics from our visit in another thread on here - let me go see if i can find it…

here you go http://www.mousebuzz.com/forum/wdw-restaurants/41360-tutto-italia-epcot.html

we really enjoyed it! it was a lot of food, and soooo delicious!

not to mention the cute waiter:ph34r: