'Twas the Night Before WDW as performed by Emily


Awhile back Tink started a Twas the night before WDW thread! Many of you contributed and it was AWESOME!! My DD loved it and so we revamped it a little and she used it for her Oral Interpretation night!(For those of you not familiar with this, it is where the children pick a poem, memorize the poem, and then recite/perform it for their peers and their families. Very BIG deal to my daughter who aspires to be an actress someday! :wink: ) Anyway I wanted to share with you the final poem she performed that night!!

'Twas the Night before Walt Disney World BY AnonyMOUSE Performed by Emily

'Twas the night before Walt Disney World and all thru the house no one was sleeping thinking of Mickey Mouse. Momma has checked all the suitcases once more. Everything is packed and ready by the door! Everyone is all snuggled up in their beds… with visions of mickey bars dancing in their heads.

Too excited to sleep they ponder about Splash Mountain and Soarin’. Thinking of fast passes instead of snoring!

Looking at the clock to see how much time has passed by, Papa thinks of Ariel and lets out a sigh.

The children have their autograph books clutched in their hands and cannot wait till they make it down Mainstreet to Fantasyland!

When way down the hall there arose such a clatter. I slipped out of bed to see what was the matter.
There’s Momma and Papa checking the ticket stash, "Oh my "says Momma, “We’re gonna need more cash!”

Out by the window what did I see, is that Tinkerbell, or maybe Jiminy Cricket staring at me?
Ah I think it is just the neighbor’s glowing porch light, I should get to bed and sleep a little tonight!!

Checking my watch, it’s still hours till dawn, and I am sure that was Goofy I saw out on the lawn!!

Pretending to sleep is a skill all must master, While willing the clock’s hands to spin a bit faster.

The visions of Disney make children anticipate the moment they finally arrive at Maingate!


I heard yet one more familiar voice this night
So I sprang from my bed and caught a glimpse of Snow White.

She was walking with 7 little guys down the lane, And she sounded so sweet as she called them by name:

"Come on Dopey, and Sneezy, Sleepy and Happy
And Grumpy, and Bashful, and Doc
Make it snappy!!
Back to Walt Disney World we need to go.
We have lots of folks waiting for us don’t you know!!!

As I strained to see these 8 so familiar to me
I gazed in amazement beyond the oaktree,
A dress so yellow she wore, like the sun it did glow.
Her face as lovely and fair as the roses that grow!!

Seven there along with her hung to every word she’d say
All different but special in their own little way!

So off they went with a rhythmic HI-HO
Hurry, they must make it to their first show!

Now back off to bed for tomorrow will be
The first day of a journey so special to me,
As I pull up the covers and close my eyes tight…
I hear in the distance, HI-HO, HI-HO and a very good night!!

She did a great job and had a blast preparing and performing this!! SOO

We are hoping she will do this on the Cruise for the Talent Show!! I am sure she will as she loves to perform!!!


Heehee! That is too funny and cute!


That is so cool! You must have been so proud. That’s a lot of words for her to remember…wow~


Thanks!! I WAS very proud!! She did not miss a word either!! SOOO many of the parents came over to applaud her it was really her shining moment!!


She should do it on the cruise for the talent competition. That would be a huge hit.


How cute! Congrats to your DD - sounds like she’ll make a great actress! :slight_smile:


That was great! You could have a star on your hands!


That was just awesome!!


Thanks again guys!!! She did great but she couldn’t of done it without the creative minds of the people here on DC!! :happy:


I saw it first hand and I think Emily was terrific! I wish there was a tape for all you DCers to see.


Wow, that is quite impressive! Good for her. I hope she does it for the talent show on the cruise too!


I LOVE that poem! Everyone contributed such cute verses! Such a talented group… BRAVO BRAVO!!! I am sure your daughter will do a FABULOUS job reciting it!!! Take lots of pictures!


oh how cute!!! I love it i’m sending it to my cousin who leaves Tomorrow!!! without me i know how rude!!! but oh well i think he will like it and my aunt too


That was absolutely awesome! Thank you for sharing!

Lisa :mickey:


I love that poem. I want to save a copy of that for myself. It made me really miss my Christmas trip this year… :crying: (although I just went in October)


standing ovation!!! I am so moved …this was one of the best compliments I think I have ever received … well done Bravo!!!


Thanks so much to all of you that are sooo creative!!! :wink:


she simply must do it on the Cruise for the Talent show !!!


That is so cute!!!


I thought I would bump this up for all the new Mbers!! And those of you getting ready to leave!
Very fun poem