Twice in one summer!


I’m going to WDW twice this summer!

I’m going the first week in July for a week and half, and the first week in August for a seven day family reunion!!

I wish there was a :readytopeemyselfoutofexcitementlikealittlepuppy: emoticon. :laugh:



This IS a family forum…

Not sure what that emoticon would look like? :eek:


I’ve been limited to once a year trips for two years now…


That’s great! With our July trip and our December trip we will have been 3 times in one year!


That’s incredible. Sure wish I cxould get my family together. I’m guessing when we add some kids to the mix it will be a different story! :tongue:


WOOOHOOO!!! I think you may have my excitement beat!! hehe! I also am visiting DL in June, then WDW is August!