Twist! Wish! Ariel! Pixie!


(Boy I hope I got all your names right, heehee)

I see all four of you will leave in just a few days for Disneyland! I think Twist said in another thread she’s leaving tomorrow :mickey:

I just wanted to tell you each to have a magical trip, drink lots of water, take sunscreen and don’t forget to have a churro for me! Remember to take lots of pics for your highly detailed TR’s (no pressure :wink: )

Have fun!


Oooh yes, and if you see a 5’3", brown-haired girl in a pink Anaheim Angels baseball cap…it might be me! :biggrin: Stop and say hi!

I will definitely be there on Monday the 26th, so if you are there then, please look for me! :mickey: (I may have a tall, hunky husband with me so you can look for him too. :wink:)


Have great trips guys!!


Thanks guys!!! I wont be in DL on monday but i’ll be at downtown disney And goofy’s kitchen for the first time!!! I’m excited for that.


Have a great trip, ladies!!


…and a little baby bump? Or is it too early for that? :tongue:

Have a great trip everyone!!!


AWWW. you’ll have alot of fun at GK! I’m so jealous and excited for all of you. we won’t be there for another 98 days! it seems SOOOOOOO far away! Have a Dole whip for me and a chocolate covered banana! Can’t wait for all of your TRs…I can take notes for our trip too! so don’t forget the DETAILS…we want DETAILS!



Have FUN, ladies!!! YAY!!!

I can’t wait to hear all about these TRIPS!! Take lots of pictures for those of us who have no clue about DL!!

I’ll miss y’all! :wub:


Thank you everyone, I have a moment this morning to check in so it was nice to see this thread!!

I am SUPER excited and you KNOW I will come back with tons of pictures and a full report! I did all my packing and shopping yesterday b/c from today until Monday I have to get two major final assignments done and submitted by Monday night.

My Dad is excited too, he got some new clothes yesterday and was asking a TON of questions about DL and Cali b/c he’s never been to either!

Hope to run into everyone there! I am tall, my dad has a completely bald head, you can’t miss us :tongue:


That’s why, right now, I don’t like Twist, Wish, Ariel and Pixie… I’m JEALOUS!!! :pirate:

But, even though I’m so jealous, I hope y’all have great trips… :wink:


Have a great trip everyone! Don’t forget to take lots of pictures, I need my trip report fix.


I’ll keep an eye out for you…I’m hoping to be near PotC all day Monday! I’m leaving after work today and spending some time with the Cali family and DL comes on Monday! I am so excited!

Thanks everone! Make sure you post lots of fun stuff so I have something to help me deal with my Disney withdrawl when I come back!!


Have fun! I can’t wait to hear all the details!


Have a great trip and make sure you get lots of details for your TR!!