Two Codes for VMK


Hi Everyone!!

I do not play VMK, but while unpacking from our last trip (it was August…shhhhh…it’s the last suitcase :laugh: ) I found two “virtual prizes” for the Pirates of the Caribbean Well.

If you would like 1, send me a PM. The first two I get, get the code.


OMG, could you give them to meeeeee???Thank you. :wub:


You have a PM, Dopey!!!


Thank you very much Lauren.
I love it :flowers:


Heheheh, here I am, little Googelibear, sitting in my Pirate Well

Thanks again Lauren


That’s very cool!!!

I’m glad you’re enjoying your well :laugh:


I actually need one if you still got an extra.

Dopey, why don’t you come by VMKingdom anymore? :blink:

Or, for that matter… why aren’t you on my friends list in VMK?:laugh:


Ummmm, I have so little time to do anything so, I spend it on VMK and get to buy all the good stuff and open pirate loot boxes with great stuff in it :pirate:
And ummm, I have never seen you on VMK :sad:
I started playing when you stopped being around. So, let’s meet there one day, Ok?


I will be sure to look and see next time you both are on I will introduce you!


Hey great idea.

By the by, Lauren your mailbox is full. You should empty it so someone can fill it:biggrin:


LOL…I have PM’s from 2002 I think!!! I’m a saver!!!

Mailbox is empty and the codes have nice new homes!!! Enjoy your wells!

(Spider-someone else PM’d me about the second one…sorry!!!)


No problem.

Who could get upset with someone as kind and fun as you. :wub:

Thanks Queen.


I just signed up to play VMK and I am havign a heck of a time trying to figure it out


Oh, just keep looking around and clicking on things. You’ll figure it out.
What is your character’s name?
I am Googelibear. We could meet and I could show you around if you want.


Dopey, I had asked for KingOMiami but they still have me listed as Guest#####

I will try to do a search for you so we can meet on there

Do you or anyone else know how long it takes until they accept your screen name request?


I guess it depends on how many new players sign up, but I believe it took about a week for me to get my name.