Two days until we leave


Hi everyone havent been on in awhile as my computer got fried in the storms… just a quick hi from work… we are leaving on thrusday… i cant beleive it is finally here. unfortunatley the weather doesnt look to promising … they are calling for rain all week. dh andi had discussed reschedueling but he wants to go… so pounchos and umbrealla here we come. hopefully my computer is fixed by the time we get home… I have to leave for a confereence the day after we get back so I will touch base after the 23 rd… :mickey:


I’m right behind you!!! I wouldn’t worry about the weather. Many times, while we are at Disney, my Mom is at home watching the weather channel, worrying about us because they would say storms every day. When, in fact, we would get sprinkled on a time or two, but the weather was fine. September is a tricky month. Wonderful because there are no lines, but a little stressful because of the weather. Only concern I had was Katia, but it looks like we are clear of that (hopefully!!!) If not, and we are locked up for a day or two because of the hurricane, we’ll meet you at AKL’s bar for a drink or two!!!


A wet day in Disney is better than a sunny day any where else! I hope you have a great time! We’ll be there soon as well!


There have been times when Pete and I have prayed for rain. Know why? 'Cause it clears out those parks! Some of our best times at WDW have been in the pouring rain. No waits for rides! No matter what, you’re going to have a great time. Enjoy!


Have a great soggy time! I love it when it rains down there… keeps the crowds low and the temps nice!


thanks we are leaving tomorow around noon. we will be there friday one night at all star music then ALK on Saturday. hopefully my computer will be up when i get back… I will try a tr…


Have a wonderfull time.