Two Items!


Number 1, I just finished collecting all the 2005 Haunted Attraction Collection pins and they are all awesome!; Number 2, very soon I am going to put video on my website for you all to see because I am finally getting the software and hardware that I need. I’ll let you know when I get it done but I’m excited about it!


Cool beans. What type of video (by that I mean storywise - Diseny stuff?)


Congrats on finishing the collection, and I can’t wait to see the website! Very cool indeed!


Oh yeah, you might want to know that (sorry), all WDW stuff like ride thru’s, fantasmic and anything that might be interesting.


Make sure you post a pic of the complete “Haunted Attraction” pin set too. I’d like to see them…


Here they are!


Congrats on number one and two. Please link the video when you get it finished. I would love to see it.


I love those pins!!


Congradulations to you on your new baby, looks like your getting ready for his first big trip to WDW- that is the best!!

Also, I finally bought a new computer, I should be shipped to me hopefully within 2 weeks and then I can’t wait to post some video to the web site. I want to put toghether a really good Fantasmic video from our many times seeing it, I have a funny ride thru on Space Mt. and then I will see what else I can come up with.


I am hoping that you are working on that project right now, so that we can see your videos tonight??? This is exciting to know. I cannot wait.


Holy smokes. I got this pin for Christmas and didn’t even realize it. OH NO! You know what this means? Now I’m gonna have to get the rest of them… :eek:


Love the pins! :mickey:


Yay! Good for you!


Ditto :wink: Way to go :happy:


What exactly is going on in that pin? :huh:


Of course that is Qui Chang Goofy!!!


Well I finally have my video of Fantasmic on my website. Post to this thread and I will PM you the web address to see it because I want to control how many downloads of it there is at any one time. There are two versions on the site a smaller size and a larger size. You can choose which you want to download. These videos are in quicktime format so you may need to get the quicktime viewer from apple if you don’t have it allready. This is the first video I did on the new computer and I will be doing many more hopefully.


I am looking forward to seeing the videos! :happy:


Nice pin set!


Very nice…very nice indeed!