Two or three


Here’s a poll for you all. As you know, I am in the process of doing the ground work for my next trip. I am going to book very soon and have to think a bit as to where we are going to stay.

I have two resorts in mind for the 6 of us and the reasons I want to stay at both. Please give me you honest opinions.

POFQ: 2 rooms - one for me and DBF and the other for the kids. I loved it there. It’s close to DTD. It has a hot tub which will make my DBF a very happy man. It’s close to DTD and we will have options for night time fun. bigger rooms.

PC: 3 rooms - one for me and DBF, one for the girls and one for the boys. Less to argue about amoungst the kids. Seperate rooms, more bathrooms and tv’s.

I really want to stay at POFQ, but can get three rooms for the price of two at POFQ. I remember all to well the fights over stupidness when we went in January, but think if they have a friend, they will have something better to do besides fight… OK I’m lost . State your opinion and why and help me decide please. DBF thinks the two rooms will be fine…he wants the hot tub…lol


I think you should go with POFQ-you mentioned twice that it was close to DTD!! :tongue: Plus, I think it’s great and you had fun this time-if the kids had a friend they won’t be “picking” at each other as much! Happy planning!!


I know…lol I hate to be selfish, but I am thinking about time with my DBF this trip. I plan on taking my DD on just a mom and me trip to the shore for a few days this summer.


3 rooms but that’s just me. :wink: :wub:

P.S. Where is my MH Club brochure? :tongue:


I say POFQ, I fell in love with this resort on our July trip. I think as long as you have 2 bathrooms you should be fine. Just curious, what are the ages of the kids? I also agree with your DBF, the hot tub is a nice perk.


I remember those fights, too. And they drove you CRAZY!!!

I voted for 3 rooms. Even with a friend, they’re kids - they will still fight if they are all in the same room.


POFQ absolutely!


I voted for three rooms…
POP is great, and you’ll love it there…I remember your bickering woes last time and it was just DD and DBFS…It may make it easier on yourslef…


Dana! In my short, yet very learned, time here on DC I have grown to love you all. :wub: Over-planners, under-planners, and non-planners alike but I must say Dana… WALLOW IN THE TRIP YOU JUST RETURNED FROM!!! hehe. Give yourself a few months!!

PS: I would choose 2 rooms at POFQ.


Dana dosn’t wollow…she always picks up and plans again…if she didn’t do that…I think we would all assume she was loosing her edge. :wub:


I voted POFQ. If you get 3 rooms at Pop would you be fine with one of the rooms not connecting to yours? That would concern me but my DS is still young so I may change my mind in a few years.


I just want to know who voted that Dana was psycho. :laugh:


Yeah…can I change my vote. :tongue: :wink:


:ohmy: :ohmy: GASP :ohmy: :ohmy:


I didn’t think about that…nonconnecting is not an option. The kids are ages 12,13,13 and 15…heck no. 2 it is.

Wallow in my trip? Gosh no wish. I would start with PDD…can’t have that. Best way to avoid PDD is to get back up and plan again. I start planning the next one before I go on my upcoming trip. Have to keep going…lol Can’t lose my edge right bella? lolol

Who voted that I was psycho? :tongue:

The bickering did drive me insane and I was hoping that the bringing a friend along would help…sheesh… What other options do I have with rooms. I priced a 2 bedroom at OKW and nearly fell off the chair…lol


Haha, I suppose you are right! Like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, you know they have a meeting the DAY AFTER to start planning the parade for next year. Pheeewwww, hehe! I need AT LEAST a 2 month buffer.
I still vote for 2 rooms at POFQ!


I had to have a “friend” with me to qualify for the brouchure…exclusice club apparently…lol maybe next trip when DBF is there :eek: :ninja:


OK, I’ll be the first to ask. I know you know your DD and you know your DBF’s son, but what are the other kids like? I’m thinking hormones here. Even if they are “good kids” there sure is an opportunity left all to sleep alone in another room. I hope your not offended but it was just my first thought on the decision.


I was thinking the exact same thing. I vote to have the girls in one room and the boys in another. (Just MHO though). I love the POFQ too, but would rather do the three rooms so that everyone has plenty of space.


Sorry, Dana, but I agree on the 3 rooms. I loved POFQ but 4 teenagers is tough. I take a group of high schoolers down every May and no matter how well we know the kids, there are always a few who surprise us. But again, they are your kids (and friends) so you know them best.

(Maybe being a high school science teacher has me too focused on teenagers and their hormones!!! :huh: )