Two Resort stay


My Wife and I were talking about a future trip and we are thinking about a two resort stay. Maybe a value or a moderate for the first few nights then a deluxe for the last few nights. My Question is when they move your bags from one resort to the other do you trust them with everything or do you keep your normal carry on type things with you that day. ( like meds , chargers, laptops ). One other thing we were thinking about was getting a taxi and just taking everything with us at check out and going to the other resort to check in, but we would kinda miss a day in the parks if we did. Has anyone did this? If anyone has did this I would love to hear about it.:goofybounce::cheshire:


I would totally trust the Disney system to move you to a different resort…they do this all the time. I have a friend that at one time was part of the college program at Disney. One of her rotating jobs was to transfer luggage for guests while they are out in the parks…you check out of one hotel and leave the bags with the concierge. Then later that evening, you return to the second hotel and check in.


I’ve done split stays many, many times. Have never, ever had problems with luggage whatsoever. But, what works best for us is to put everything we would need for the day (meds, swimsuits/change of clothes, snacks, chargers, etc.) in a carryon, then bring luggage to Bell Services (keeping carryon with us) to have transferred to new resort. While DH is doing that, I check out at Guest Services which as a CM quoted “makes it an easier transition for the Magicbands for split stays.” Then go to the new resort and check in. That way, if room is ready, we have access immediately. Or, if the room is not ready, we can leave the carry on with Bell Services and have access to our necessities any time of day. Honestly, it doesn’t take all day. Maybe an hour at best, 5-10 minutes checking out, 30 minutes to new resort and 5-10 minutes checking in.


I would trust Disney resort services to move your belongings.
I can’t say how long it will take it to move from one place to the other.
We drive, so it’s always been easier for us to just take everything with us when we check out and move to another on property hotel.
The carry on suggestion from Beth is always advisable, same as when you fly or when you take a cruise. You’ll have your necessities with you.


I have done the split stay. Disney gives you a set time to have your bags picked up at your first resort, but does not guarantee them as resort number until after 3pm. You could get them sooner. They make it easy for you. This is not my thing and I find it to be a hassle and annoying. The unpacking, and then packing, then unpacking and then repacking again is a pain. I like to settle in and be done until the night before I leave again.


…I don’t want the hassle to repack and move either…I hate packing up to come home—certainly don’t want to do it twice in a visit. I guess if I have my own car there it wouldn’t be as bad—you can just throw everything in a bag and take it yourself!!! lol But I’m with you—not worth the hassle to me… :slight_smile:


when on our last trip we got upgraded mid trip it was a pain even though we stayed at the same resort a lot of stuff and it took us at least 2-3 hours to pack and then unpack,but as far as trusting Disney I would,also depending on how busy the new resort is you should be able to check in early to new room and you could have your bags ready for you in the new room…good luck with whatever you decide


Thanks everyone for your comments. This will give us some more to think about. We really like the Wilderness, but trying to save a little money and getting to stay at some of the other resorts is our goal. We don’t get to go every year and it kinda looks like we are on a two or three year cycle. So when we do go, we do has much has we can. Thanks again.:goofybounce:


either way you will still enjoy everything …have fun


We’ve done a lot of split stays and we’re doing another one this summer. It does take a little time to pack and unpack but we are not open to close park people so it’s not a big deal for us. I try to pack smart and think ahead to make it easier. I mix our clothes up (I put a few outfits in each suitcase so everyone has clothes in every bag) when we fly so we only have to unpack one suitcase at the first resort and when we repack it’s all dirty clothes in the first bag. At the next resort I unpack the other bag/bags and we’re set. Sure it takes a little time but we don’t mind and with a little pre-planning it really can be easy.


I want to unpack, and stay. Forever.


I kind of like the split stays. Unpacking/packing is no big deal for me, so when we leave one resort, you’re feeling like your trip is over. Then…surprise! You now have another vacation starting. Some people like it, some don’t. But, if it either saves you money, or gives you the opportunity to try that one resort you’ve been wanting to, then I’d say go for it. You will find during that split stay if this is something you can do in future trips, or confirm you never want to do again. I’m always good for trying something at least once.


I agree, it’s worth trying once to see if it’s for you and your family or not.

We’re doing a split stay this time to save money. The first 6 nights are just my son and me so I booked Pop because it’s cheap. Once my husband arrives we’re moving over to Beach Club for 9 more nights. For me the hour or so it will take to pack up and get our luggage tagged and sent to BC is worth it to get 6 extra nights. We’ll only have to unpack one suitcase and when it’s time to move we can throw all the dirty clothes in it and leave it unopened at our new resort.


Oh there’s definitely a positive side to switching resorts…I’m just not interested. We always stay at POFQ now—very happy with that—not interested in any other resorts—even if you “handed the key” to me…we just sleep at the resort basically—no pool–just sleep, breakfast and hit the parks all day every day so…it’s not worth it to me to change resorts. We never go longer than 6 or 7 days.

Now when I have GKs to take—it might be a different story. :slight_smile:


We did a 3 way split back in April (not intentional… and a long story). Trust Disney to move everything including my computer and medications (inside luggage). Very prompt and professional


I truly have no interest in changing resorts,before DVC we stayed exclusively at POR and since 2006 we stay exclusively at SSR…while I trust Disney with the move I just want not to deal with it in anyway


It is great to see all the ideas and comments. Thanks:simba:


We almost always do split stays but because we hate dealing transportation. Nothing beats being able to walk “home” in 10 mins, rather than waiting on a bus for 45 mins.

Our favorite trips are something like 4-5 days at BLT and then 4-5 days at BCV. 90% of the time, we walk to a park. Doesn’t cut out transportation entirely, but I figure the few hours it takes to pack and unpack is a lot shorter than all the bus waits. Once in a while we stay at AKL, which is all buses, but then we tend to spent a lot of time at the resort on those trips.

Yes, we are spoiled. I loved it even more this last trip with DGS and his stroller. Very little time spent lugging stroller onto buses. That activity is for you young whippersnappers!

As far as sending stuff over, we do keep DH meds with us. He takes a ton of pills over the course of a day and having a suitcase go missing would not be a good thing. Only once did anything go wrong and that was in 2006. We were leaving POP and going to BCV for our first DVC trip. We went on our merry way and hours later called for our suitcases. BCV didn’t have any for us. My DD was “but I need my suitcase, we only have one diaper left, all the other baby stuff is in the luggage” About an hour later, they found the suitcases were sent to CARIBBEAN BEACH, not Beach club.

Since then we have done split stays at least a doz times, and everything was fine. Even with groceries, the cold stuff was kept cold. And not just stuck in a fridge the last hr. I do things like have a stick of butter and if it’s messed up, I know it was allowed to get warm and then chilled.


I am a split stay-aholic. LOL We’ve done it quite a bit. Usually we bring all of our bags to bell services to send over to the next resort and then we head off to a park for the day. Then we return to our new resort in the late afternoon to check in. We’ve never had an issue with our bags. We normally do split stays with the 2nd resort being an Epcot area resort and we make Epcot our park for moving day so we just walk over to our new resort when it is time to check in.

I rarely totally unpack in hotel rooms so other than packing up toiletries, it is not too much of a hassle.